GTA V Heists: Broken Launch for Gamers is New Standard?

The launch of GTA V Heists overloaded servers and frustrated gamers. Are glitchy game launches the new standard?

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Blurmobjet1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I've been feeling like almost every online dependent console game that's come in this generation has come in broken.

Feels like it anyway...

Edit: I don't play PC games by the way, so don't turn this comment into something its not.

Nitrowolf21165d ago

It's no different on PC for the majority of multiplat games, the difference there is that usually it's fixed quicker due to patch process. That, or the community jumps to fix it

Buzz7S1165d ago

"or the community jumps to fix it"

Until the developer/publisher files a DMCA.

itsjustexuma1165d ago

Well GTA's bugs were fixed within a week

moomoo3191165d ago

Heists were working for me the night of release

the_Nard1165d ago

You're lucky! I'm sure it depends where you are and what server you end up on...I could play during the day but the first 3 nights of prime-time were unplayable...couldn't even get online.

moomoo3191165d ago

Everyone told me it had been offline all day by the time i got on it was working though

RosweeSon1165d ago

Well at least GTA had a very valid point compared to most they have sold how many Millions of copies I don't think there are any games that are this intensive tech wise that have so many millions of players online, halo collection sold how many copies? A fraction and yet it took them months to get it sorted. No one wants a gimped launched but at least Rockstars reasons are pretty good ones no other games have this amount of players not even call of duty these days, at least it's online that was gimped unlike assassins creed unity which was single player?! Shocking.

the_Nard1165d ago

I totally agree with you there...I'm not I sure I understand the server overloading though. You would think with all that capital they could rent extras servers for the DLC launch?

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