10 Major Changes Needed for Destiny 2

10 major changes that Bungie needs to make for Destiny 2

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maybelovehate1134d ago

I would definitely like to see more exploration. The Gorgon Maze and the alternate paths to get to it and around it were so fun in Vault of Glass and I was a little disappointed Crota didn't have anything like that. I am hoping the next raid will have more exploration and puzzles.

Overall, I love Destiny. I think gameplay wise they nailed it. Still playing almost 1500 hours later. I just want more content to enjoy that great gameplay in. Cannot wait for House of Wolves and Comet.

ZombieKiller1133d ago

I would be nice to see alien wildlife or colonies of sorts. Different worlds and people to approach

dericb111133d ago

Whats your tag or PSN so we can play together?

kparks1132d ago Show
the_Nard1134d ago

I'm with you there
I wrote this article because I feel like there is a lot of obsession with the details in Destiny that realistically wont be fixed.
But if enough people talk about more big picture stuff Bungie will hopefully make some moves that will really make the sequel shine!

CorndogBurglar1132d ago

They need to either change the way leveling up is based on your armor, or make some kind of upgrade system for Legendary armor, similar to how you can upgrade exotics to the newest damage rating.

I really hate that i have a full set of VoG armor but its useless ever since Dark Below came out. Even regular legendary armor that vendors sell is better than the VoG armor now. Thats unacceptable.

People want more of a variety in their armor options. They dont want to HAVE to use the crota gear to reach 32. Give us some options here.

WESKER20151134d ago

an actual campaign should be number one

WickedLester1133d ago

11.) The ability to either ghost the HUD or get rid of it completely! I game on plasma and the HUD in Destiny damn near caused a permanent image of the HUD in the lower left corner of my TV!

the_Nard1133d ago

Ghosting is a good idea...

WickedLester1133d ago

Another thing I would add would be private matches. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I just wanted to set up our own private PVP matches. Even if they didn't affect anything in terms of leveling up or acquiring items, I'd still like to have the ability to do it. I don't always want to play competitively with random strangers.

the_Nard1132d ago

I'm writing that article as we speak...

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