Changes to Destiny to make for House of Wolves

What changes should be made to Destiny for House of Wolves DLC? Find out what Bungie needs to change to spice things up in Destiny...

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Jubez1871102d ago

Honestly, I've never seen a game have so many "10 changes needed" "changes we hope happen in XYZ expansion." Literally half the writing done for this game has to do with hopeful changes and improvements. Doesn't that say something?

GameSpawn1102d ago

Fact is no matter the changes, people will STILL find something to complain about. Some of the complaints about Destiny are warranted, but not all of them. Frankly, I'm for a weighted or merit based RNG. However, I'm against more accounts IF it will only make "muling" worse, because then Bungie will have less reason to lessen the RNG "sting" since people would have more roll chances on the Raids and other weekly and daily activities. Three accounts will be fine IF RNG is fixed.

The only problems with Destiny that are driving me absolutely INSANE right now are the 200 item limit for Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom, Relic Iron, and Helium Filaments and the 20 item limit (per type) in the vault. Bungie has acknowledged the vault issue and has shown that they may increase the number of items allowed (who knows when and to how much though). However, the material thing has gone COMPLETELY under the radar. I don't get why these 4 items are limited since everything else, such as weapon parts and class specific materials, isn't limited and keeps on stacking.

Seraphim1102d ago

that is absolutely true. not only that but you can't keep everyone happy. Tweak for one of crowd of complainers and the ones who were happy are now complaining. And so on.

RNG absolutely sucks. One of my biggest complaints in the past is that unlike an MMO where you can camp an NM or try to obtain a specific item Destiny doesn't have this. Meaning it's all on Xur or RNG to get the coveted items you want. That is in fact a problem.

Vault space would be nice, the ability for items to stack higher would be nice, more shaders would be nice, more armor would be nice.... Aside from petty and trivial complaints this game is solid. Granted it has some faults, flaws, lack of Raids, Crotas End feeling like a glorified strike more than a Raid, and so on but at the end of the day this game is a blast to play and a very solid title. My major complaint and reason I put the controller down 1 month ago after over 32 gameplay days between 3 characters was lack of content and that is one area I see being of major concern. There's only so many times we can do the same ole trivial bounties every day in the same locations just for something to do. There's only so many times we can play the same strikes for something to do. VoG was great but it too gets old as does it's bugs. Once you get all your items Nightfall becomes somewhat irrelevant since you no longer hope for Gjallahorn or other prized weapons/armor. There's some trivial things that could help this game and I think Bungie will address some of them. For me, until there's a substantial amount of content I fear after House of Wolves I will again put down Destiny and continue playing other games. I just hope Bungie learns from all this and really knocks a sequel out the park because this one title I could happily spend 100s of gameplay days in

kurruptor1102d ago

To me it does say something. The fact that it is still be talked about after 6 months, says a lot.

Tankbusta401102d ago


Plz make this game fix, remove yourself from creative development and just work on the shooting mechanics of Destiny 2

InTheLab1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

1. Remove the currency cap, consolidate marks from crucible and vanguard, and combine motes and strange coins.

Should be obvious that shared money between 3 characters is beyond stupid but playing a cap on it is worse. Glimmer barely has a purpose as is so it bothers me that while I'm grinding whatever tedious handful of dailies, I should at least get something for it.

As for the marks, tell me why I can do vanguard missions and get rep for FWC or Dead Orbit but they only accept pvp marks which are capped at 100 per week? It literally takes 4 days to hit rank 3 but a month to buy all the s#&÷ they offer. Meanwhile, you're sitting on all of these vanguard marks and can't spend them without commindations....

Basically this system is designed to punish single players. It's bad enough that the items sold are capped at level 33 light, but not accepting vanguard marks for factions that have nothing to do with the crucible is is even worse.

2. The reward system is the most broken of any game I've ever playing in 28 years of gaming. Like the author says, you can fart around in Rocs, or pvp and get an exotic instead of the guy that's carrying you through it, who gets nothing.

So I'm in a pug running the weekly and 2 dudes leave. There's void burn on so I say screw it and solo up to the Priest. I have the bastard down 2/3rd when 2 people join and help kill him. I get a stack of shards, on guy gets a faction weapon, and the last guy gets the god damned Suros Regime. Same thing happened in pvp. I go on a reign of terror to something like 34 and 6 and the guy at the bottom who went 4 and 15 gets a god damn ghjallerhorn...

There should be guaranteed rewards for performance. I killed 128 in that weekly and the other two killed less that 5 each and I didn't get a damn thing. If you top the leader boards in pvp you should have a higher chance at something of value be it a mote, coin, or legendary. I don't mean going 20 and 10 or something average. Going off for 30 or 40 kills and 10+ zone caps should guarantee a reward versus some crappy shader or the ever popular nothing...

3. I can go on and on here about what's wrong with Destin but I'll end it with the Crucible gear. Why is crucible gear terrible compared to raid gear when at worst raids last a few hours each week versus the 50 hours I've spent in the crucible getting marks and commendations.

There should also be a distinction between raid and crucible gear. Raiders shouldn't come into pvp and dominate someone with actual pvp gear. They should be at a disadvantage. I'm sure as hell not going to be a game changer with my capped light 33 gear with pvp perks.

So all I'm saying is that I should be able to gear up as well as pve guardians considering the amount of time I spend in pvp compared to a few hours of weekly raiding.


Agree with every point you made,especially the whole pvp/pve gear difference.
I've always felt that there should be,for example,pvp centric gear that affords light level 32 but is fairly useless in the pve and vice versa.

Either way,good points.

the_Nard1102d ago

Good points! I would love some feedback on my article for changes to Destiny 2

I'm a new user so check my profile to see it. Thx!

kaizokuspy1102d ago

what it needs are a bajillion weapons like Borderlands that you can farm from Raids. Doing that, they could remove the raid limit from once a week, to how many times a player feels like going through the raid to farm those weapons. Crucible needs a dedicated playlist at all times to use these weapons and public events held weekly with a massive boss where its strength and weaknesses are changed. Those changes would be great. Also make multiplayer more competitive with in game stat tracking and medals like they used to without having to look at It should be integrated into the game.

CorndogBurglar1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Make Legendary armor and weapons upgradeable, like the exotics. I really miss some of the Legendary weapons i had to give up after Dark Below came out.

Also, the Raid armor from VoG is pretty much useless now. I would like to see AT LEAST all Raid armor becone upgradable. This would add a bigger variety of armor to use. Instead, at this rate, everything in House of Wolves will make all the Dark Below gear obsolete also. I dont think i'm going out on a limb when i say people want more choices to make when it comes to armor. At this point, the only viable options are one exotic, and the rest either Dark Below raid gear or Iron Banner gear. Otherwise you'll never reach lvl 32. I want to be able to choose what armor i want to use. Not just using what i have to by default.

They need to fix that.

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