Chinese Diablo 3 Gamers can Choose Buy-to-play or Free-to-play with Restrictions

Blizzard/Netease collaboration's marketing director Zhang Dong just revealed Diablo 3 will take a hybrid model in China. Players can choose to buy the game and play it without restrictions, or play for free with content restrictions. What's more, the Platinum currency is confirmed to be used to purchase items in the Store, including buff.

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generalthadeape948d ago

Kinda cool having an option.

I'm pretty sure that I would ALWAYS choose "Buy-to-Play" over "Free to Play" every single time.

Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself someday.

I guess it just depends on the games.

All I know is if I'm paying big dollars up front, I want to get the whole enchillada-- which means DLC should also be included, if I'm paying full price.