A look at the Japanese box art of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

A look at the Japanese box art for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

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Head_bigg1220d ago

Nice! I can't wait for this!

3-4-51219d ago

Japan almost always has the more colorful and appealing to look at box art.

Our are always too simplistic and boring.

O well...just a box art cover. Can't wait to play these though.

sarshelyam1220d ago

I do like it more than ours in NA. While ours is understated, the fact that it's the Handsome Collection would have indicated some focus on Handsome Jack add a necessary consideration. Odd they went with the Psycho for this one, even though it's been the focus on the previous entries.

EazyC1219d ago Show
LAWSON721219d ago

Once again, JP gets the cool box art.

Dan501219d ago

Was the Japanese version toned down?