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Den of Geek's John Saavedra spent an hour behind closed doors with Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. Here are John's thoughts!

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antikbaka1222d ago

i'd prefer to see video and not just some retelling. There wasn't any sidequesting or tavelling with sword in 42 minute demo

Kurisu1222d ago

Less than a week to play it yourself, if you're getting Type-0.

antikbaka1222d ago

i don't buy games i don't like to get some demo

Griever1222d ago


But FF Type-0 is a great game. It is often called the last great FF game and gamers were begging for it to localized for years. The FF15 demo packed in is more of an insurance by SE to ensure that it sells as much as possible.

Gatsu1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I can't wait to get my FF Type-0 :D, because I never got the chance to play it before. I hear from many fans that it's great!

To get FFXV demo with it is gonna be a damn nice bonus ;).

antikbaka1222d ago


Maybe... but I don't like it. It maybe a decent remaster but just not my type

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Elda1222d ago sound like you're not interested,possibly you want to find a game article that you are interested in.

MaximusTKG1220d ago

But if you read, you can create a video in you head using...what was that called again?? Hmm it's here somewhere. That's right! Your imagination. Reading won't always kill you ya know. Flex those brain cells.