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Deathtrap is, technically, a spin-off of developer Neocore Games's Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing games, liberally retooling the tower defense mode from the first game in the series. The story does link up, but despite some snippets of backstory thrust upon the player when selecting a stage, it's not necessary to jump right into the fray. What you do end up needing is some instructions, and while the tutorial pop-ups will give you a 10-cent tour of the interface, figuring out the game's flow requires plenty of trial and error. It's not necessarily a bad thing. Most of the game is easy enough to figure out for anyone who's played a game in either genre, with one button for regular attacks, one for a powerful magic attack, and traps costing Essence, and special points that regenerate after each wave and any time you kill an enemy. There's a tiny frustration where, often, your best vantage point is a few feet away from the action, and clicking the left mouse at the wrong place and the wrong time will send your character into a 30-monster murder pit from which there's no escape.

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