PC Gamer UK April issue: Fable Legends

Fable Legend's intriguing premise is simple: four co-op heroes face off against a player-controlled villain with an army at their beck and call. We've played both roles, and examine Lionhead's innovative take on the Fable world in this month's six-page cover feature.

But it's not all wizards this month! Oh wait, to be honest there are a lot of wizards. The PC Gamer team of newbies, under the instruction of our seasoned Dota 2 aficionado, Chris, don robes and take on the PCG alumni at RPS. Wizard drama ensues. Elsewhere, we get strategic with Sid Meier's Starships, Blitzkrieg 3 and Hearts of Iron IV, and hit the open roads of American Truck Simulator. Plus, there's a chance to win an Apple Watch inside every issue.

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