Chinese women paid up to $2.7million to play video games in scanty clothing

Forget being a supermodel as a career choice - young Chinese women are now dreaming that when they grow up they will get the chance to be an e-sport hostess.

A recent report on, one of China's most-read websites, suggested that such hostesses, who are hired by gaming platforms to commentate on online video games and host live events in scanty clothing, are among the best-paid people in the country.

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ABizzel11045d ago

Where do you sign up to become a chinese woman?

TheXgamerLive1045d ago

HaHaHa right,

My lao Po my wife is Chinese and I said the same thing. I've found my new career choice, damn it I need more soy sauce, lol.

crazy money my wife say:)

mikeslemonade1045d ago

Why can't men have easy ways to make money in life like women? It's just not fair.

user55757081045d ago


they can. its called exploiting women

Tapani1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

We can always sell our ass in Roppongi or Sanlitun!

Bobby Kotex1045d ago

@mikeslemonade who do you think is paying these women? You have a lot to learn about this world.

dantesparda1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

I claim sexual discrimination. Why cant I get paid for being dressed scantily?

inveni01045d ago

I clicked the link and didn't see anything "scanty."

Conzul1044d ago

Proper symbiosis, that. Heheheh....

OT: I didn't see anything that could be defined as "scanty" either. Damn puritans....

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Ninver1045d ago

More like were do you sign up to play in speedos and get paid this much?

BABY-JEDI1045d ago

I don't think those ladies will be impressed with your beer gut Bro.
; D

garos821045d ago

dat male privilege tho!

Gwiz1045d ago

According to a sock puppet that " White " male

Wonderful1011045d ago

Need one of these girls to be my girlfriend.

Agent_hitman1045d ago

You need to eat everything that moves first like they do, before you marry one of them.

Captain_Wormy1045d ago

People will do anything for money. :/

ShaunCameron1045d ago

Who can blame the women when it's just recently that China granted the average person economic freedom?

rainslacker1045d ago

I'd let people watch me game completely naked for that much money. I can swallow my pride for a couple days to never have to work again and spend all my time doing other playing games and sleeping late.:)

Unfortunately, I'd probably make twice as much from people paying me to put my clothes back on, because I am not blessed with the good looks of an attractive Chinese woman.

BABY-JEDI1045d ago

Like play video games LoL sign me up. I need to be paid to play.

kingbain901045d ago

Good for them, easy money

hkgamer1045d ago

which part is easy money? did you read the article? new people that join can only afford to eat one cup noodle a day.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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