5 Games To Get You Through Uncharted 4's PS4 Delay

Uncharted 4 is not coming out in 2015. For now, we have to wait for next year to roll around and then pick things up again. So what to do in the mean time?

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TheLyonKing1196d ago

Am excited for bloodbourne and although I played it on the psp I buckled and pre ordered the ps4 version of type 0 (mainly for the 15 demo)
Just started kh 2.5 now.
uc4 can easily wait for me.

scark921196d ago

Yeah, there is countless of amazing games out there already people can play, backlog through, I have so many games to still complete! I do not mind the delay because it will only be more beneficial, cannot wait for U4 though :D

daxter19191196d ago

220 PS4 Exclusive Games To Get You Through Uncharted 4's PS4 Delay:

Look Here:

MrSec841196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Exactly, the titles already out are plentiful, but PS4 does also already have the following coming this year: 1)The Order, 2)Bloodborne, 3)Until Dawn, 4)Tearaway Unfolded, 5)Ratchet & Clank, 6)Fat Princess Adventures, 7)Drawn to Death, 8)Killstrain, 9)Deep Down & 10)Let it Die for AAA games, then 11)WiLD, 12)Rime, 13)Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, 14)Alienation, 15)Shadow of the Beast, 16)The Tomorrow Children as big exclusive indie titles, overall 16 outright exclusives are confirmed for PS4 this year.

There's also console exclusivity of Killing Floor, Dungeon Defender 2, The Witness, Abzu and I think may have even forgotten some games that will remain console exclusives.
No Man's Sky and Hellblade are timed exclusives, but it's not clear if they'll ever come to any other console.

This doesn't even count games that are going to release on the other Playstation Platforms, which PS4 will no doubt get the definitive editions of, like Persona 5, etc.

Sony's already confirmed that they have more exclusives to announce this year and it's doubtful that they'd pull Uncharted 4 from their 2015 Q4 line-up if they didn't have something else to take it's place.

GT7 is well under way, that could be ready this year, Ratchet & Clank is already confirmed for this year, those games were always a big deal on previous consoles, selling more than a few million a piece, with a movie being made alongside the game and getting a big theater release that could actually push the game's popularity into big heights.

I doubt God of War 4 will come out this year, most likely it's a 2016 release.
Guerrilla Games has been releasing a title every 2 years since KZ2 came out, so a new Killzone could be ready for the Holidays, Cambridge could have taken over Resistance's development or Amsterdam could have GG's new IP Horizon ready this Fall.

TLG has been incubating for ages, as has Agent, both of those could finally be ready for release this year and make their comeback at E3, with a release date set in the Fall of 2015.

Quantic Dream has a game in development.

I doubt Media Molecule's new IP will be out this year with them releasing Tearaway Unfolded in the summer, so that's likely a 2016 game.

Sony London hasn't released a major PS4 game yet, they have a big studio, so maybe they're working on a non-Morpheus game, like The Getaway for PS4.

Sony Bend has said they won't rush their new game out of the door, but it's been in development for ages, so that could be near to releasing.

Level 5 are set to announce a game at E3 this year for PS4, stated to be bigger than White Knight Chronicles, so that could be ready to release this Fall.

Sony Japan are the biggest studio Sony has, besides TLG there are rumors of Gravity Rush 2 moving to development on PS4, so that could come out later this year.

With like 12 1st party studios, many working on multiple games for PS4, along with 2nd party partners and other potential new 3rd party developers Sony likely has a bunch of games that they can push forward release on.

No doubt an Uncharted Trilogy/Remaster could be in development, but I doubt Sony would pin their Holiday season on that and one major title like Ratchet & Clank, so it's likely they have a couple of outright AAA exclusives that were most likely set to release alongside Uncharted 4, but now they can give those games more marketing focus and bigger stage time at E3 to prepare the audience for those games coming this Holiday.

DigitalRaptor1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Why do these guys expect us to take them seriously?

"When No Man's Sky lands on the Xbox One" - Seriously, this is supposed to be one of the bigger and more professional gaming sites, yet NMS hasn't even been confirmed as coming to Xbone. Do these guys just except us to do their work for them?

Then again gamers have always represented this hobby better than the journalists ever could.

iamnsuperman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

They don't. I don't think you understand what VideoGamerUK is. They went through a change over a year ago to instead put out more comically, far less serious video content which differentiate themselves from other sites. Their podcast shows a more honest side these videos are just a bit of fun (let's not be totally serious all the time)

MrSwankSinatra1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Why do people like you have to make a big deal about something so minuscule? So he was misinformed, BIG FREAKING DEAL. You act like you never been wrong or misinformed ever in life. grow up man

Lucreto1196d ago

I am expecting an Uncharted Collection and possibly a Mass Effect Trilogy Collection. If these happen I will be set for months.

showtimefolks1196d ago


Oh i am hoping you are so right, these are games i am interested in and my wish list at the bottom:

darksiders 2 for ps4/xbox one
borderlands collection(still not happy that it doesn't include the first one)
The Witcher 3
I will get around to getting the order 1886
mad max

wish list:

i hope mass effect trilogy
I hope Uncharted trilogy

Skankinruby1196d ago

Ive been teetering on pulling out my ps3 just to buy the mass effect trilogy since ive never played them and heard they were great. If they ported it to ps4 that would be perfect.

Ka7be1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

"Sell your PS4 and get Tombraider?" lol So i can mis a fantastic game like Bloodborne? You compare an average game like TombRaider to a Hidetaka Miyazaki game (Bloodborne)? please

What a stupid video.

bananaboats1196d ago

An average game like TombRaider? Now i see why you nly have one bubble. The reboot was done very well and does the series justice. Bloodborne isnt out yet so you might want to wait till yopu can actually play thru it before annoucing it as a fantastic game.

What a idiotic comment.

DialgaMarine1196d ago

Too bad it's mother f*cking BloodBorne lol

I love how so many people who praised the hell out of Dark Souls are now trying their damnest to put down BloodBorne. Problem with that is, if you're familiar with a Souls game and have actually done research on BloodBorne, then you already it's impossible for it to be a bad game. Literally, the only people that are going to be sh*tting on it in reviews are gonna be the ones nitpicking everything they can for the simple fact that it is, and always will be, a PS4 exclusive.

Yetter1196d ago

whose putting down BloodBorne

MysticStrummer1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

"The reboot was done very well"


"and does the series justice."

Not really. It's more like Uncharted than the old Tomb Raiders. For the record (again) I prefer the old Tomb Raiders over Uncharted even though I do enjoy UC very much, so it disappointed me when the TR reboot went away from it's roots so much.

If it's idiotic for him to say Bloodborne is a fantastic game without playing it, then it's also idiotic for you to say the next Tomb Raider isn't an average game without playing it.

kenshiro1001196d ago

Uncharted 4 will be fine. Seriously.

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