Bloodborne's director Miyazaki talks about "valuable experience" on Famitsu

From the translation:
Interviewer: Congratulations on completing Bloodborne! How are you really feeling about it now?

Miyazaki: I’m 30 percent looking forward to the players enjoying the game. The remaining 70 percent is freaking out. (laughs) It’s always like this. It hasn’t changed. This is the roughest period. (laughs) It’s scary…like you don’t know what’s going to happen. Development finished, before it goes on sale… this period makes me so uneasy, I just can’t stand it. Before it’s finished, there are still things you can do. Once it’s released, you can deal with problems that arise. Right now, there’s nothing I can do. So, my feelings now are a mix of hoping the game is enjoyed and a vague sense of fear. That’s how it is, honestly. I’d like to be brimming with confidence, but you have to prepare yourself mentally.

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DarkOcelet1196d ago

I am pretty sure most of the time i will be saying '**** this $hit, I am outta here!'

I Am Ready!

LightDiego1196d ago

First Hotline Miami 2 ( i think it's challenging) and really soon Bloodborne.
I will need my pills, or it's a nervous breakdown!

DarkOcelet1196d ago

Yeah, i am gonna play the crap out of this game.

nX1195d ago

You guys are kinda reaching here :D
I'm very rarely cursing while playing Souls games, if you have problems with the difficulty you're probably just taking a wrong approach. Staying calm is one of the most important things for mastering and especially enjoying these games.

SpinalRemains1381195d ago

Holy cow, I need a decoder ring.

I tried very hard to understand the conversation to no avail.

The translation on front page was helpful, but there's another 4 paragraphs.

I can't wait for this game either way.

fei-hung1195d ago

I've been playing lords of the fallen to prepare myself for this. People who have played the Souls games, how does lords of the fallen compare to them in difficulty?

Tdmd1195d ago

I'd also want to know. I've played every souls games from day one, but I'm still on the fence with LotF.

fei-hung1195d ago

I've been told on another forum that LotF is easier but enemies are cheaper. However by leveling up the games gets much much easier and having stronger gear, whilst in the Souls games it is always about skill and timing.

I still can't say, but I've really enjoyed my time with LotF.

Tdmd1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Sounds like a "pass" to me. In Souls series, the game never gets easier because of gear, which doesn't make such a huge difference to begin with. But after some time, you get used to it, and what was hellish before, becomes second nature. It's what's brilliant about this system: it rewards persistence and skill. That's especially true for both pvp and the first two games in the franchise.