Sony PlayStation: Credit Where It Is Due

Gamers normally take their role as consumers of videogames very seriously; so much so that the industry has grown and it has become more popular than it has ever been.

Nevertheless, there is one aspect of gaming that often goes overlooked: Thanking the companies that bring us the awesome experiences and entertainment options to indulge in.

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Ballsack1225d ago

We do thank them

With our wallets.


I do not regret a penny that I have spent on Playstation.

kaizokuspy1225d ago

dammit I laughed at name and avatar.

miyamoto1224d ago

PlayStation has been the same great gaming brand since 1994 and never changed its principles like an unshakable and immovable pillar of video games success.

Here's for another 20 years of video gaming excellence and progress.

GokuSolosAll1225d ago

Yeah, Sony is great. Easily my favorite of the three, but Nintendo is good. Xbox, main issues for me are just that I don't like the controllers or half the exclusives plus inferiority in certain ways (graphically mainly). But even with those types of issues I have to be honest, I just love video games and Xbox is great too. I wish Dreamcast 2 would hit too. I just want every system and play all the games till I'm a senile old man and then I'll replay my favorites in bliss.

LoveSpuds1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

For me there is no competition for Sony, they have consistently delivered great gaming experiences for over 20 years. I have loved each PlayStation system and I will always be grateful to Sony for the countless hours of gaming they have provided.

Its funny because when I think of games I am transported back to that time in my life. Its not just being amazed the first time I saw Tomb Raider on PS1, its seeing my young daughters face when she saw the T-Rex come out of the darkness.

Its not just being blown away by Tekken or Wipeout, its remembering cramming games in with colleagues before heading to the office or at a mates house before heading out on the piss. Sony have been a part of my life for so long that I cannot imagine not owning a Sony console.

They have a history, a legacy of producing quality games. More than this they do it the right way, they recognise that the best way to make money is by investing in great games and fostering the growth of the industry.

I feel that this is why they are more beloved that MS, where I perceive (rightly or wrongly) that they just see a business opportunity to exploit, they want profits now at any cost, whether it is good or bad for the consumer.

ltachiUchiha1224d ago

You nailed it. Couldnt have said any better. Its truelly the reason I believe the ps4 continues to sell better then its main competitor despite them having a cheaper console.

christian hour1224d ago

Brought a tear to this old mans eye. Or is that just another one of the many fluids I'm slowly losing control of... crap, gotta go bathroom again. BAck in an hour :)

BattleAxe1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I would agree with you if you specifically talking about the PS1, PS2 and PS3, but the PS4 isn't all that some people make it out to be, and Sony's corporate culture is completely different from the PS3 era.

Sony does have a history of having great games on their consoles like Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Motorstorm, Infamous and Killzone 2, but this generation has not had any quality exclusive games yet on the PS4.

Is Driveclub anywhere near as good of a game as the original Motorstorm? Is Killzone Shadow Fall anywhere near as good as Killzone 2? Is Infamous Second Sun anywhere near as good as Infamous? I would say no, and not by a long shot.

It's sad when people are completely blinded by brand name alone. This generation the Playstation fanbase has been completely bamboozled. When I talk to some close friends of mine, they consistently say that there's nothing on PS4 that they want to play. Sure, there are a lot of games to play, but nothing that is really hitting that sweet spot. I should point out that the PS4 is the only console that most of my friends own, other than a PS3 of course.

Does everyone remember how great Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was? Then Uncharted 2 came out and set the bar even higher. Then Uncharted 3 came out, and most fans of the series agreed that while it was a good game with great visuals, it fell far short of the Uncharted 2 experience.

Well, being that this is the case, and looking at how poor Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Driveclub and The Order 1886 turned out to be, I wouldn't jump in whole heartedly into thinking that Uncharted 4 is going to blow the doors off of every other game out there when it comes out.

I'll give credit to Sony where it is due, which would be the nice hardware design of the PS4, and the fact that they have brought a lot of indie games to their platform, but that's about it.

LoveSpuds1224d ago

I happen to have been really happy with the library of games so far and the first year or so of a new generation is always a little slow.

You cannot compare the library of PS4 titles so far with what has been released on earlier generations, what you can do, is look at Sony's track record and trust that they will deliver just like they always have.

BattleAxe1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Sony is a different company now under new management. The PS3 was a special console and a special generation. When you look at the big picture, Sony's focus has completely changed from what it used to be.

They are more concerned with services/subscriptions this generation, than they are with just producing good hardware and good games. They are cutting costs wherever they can, and I'm sure that their first party studios are operating under tighter budgets than they were 5 years ago. This is why they have a huge focus on indie studios supplying the majority of the content on the PS4.

While I'm sure that it's not impossible to find some games to enjoy on PS4, I feel that the PS4 has fallen far from the hype that was created. For me, as a huge Sony fan during the PS1, PS2 and PS3 days, I have yet to find a good reason to own a PS4. Uncharted could be that reason I need to spend the money on a PS4, but I'm not certain that the overall quality and quantity of content will be there, as it was on the PS3 Uncharted games.

Don't get to excited about Uncharted, just sit back and watch things unfold, because I have a feeling that it will have a smaller single player campaign than the previous games, and it will be a 3rd person Call of Duty online game like the Uncharted 3, and expect a huge amount of DLC. I'm really curious to see how this pans out. The graphics look great so far, but we'll have to see how the rest of it will come together.

LoveSpuds1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

So you openly admit to judging a console you dont even own, that says it all really.

I have played DriveClub and let me assure you,igt is bloody brilliant. I have a Platinum trophy in Infamous, I promise you, that game was fantastic. I have a couple of hundred hours on Killzone, with the exception of Battlefield it is the best online shooter I have played in years. I have a platinum trophy in The Order, its a solid game and in no way deserving of the flak it gets.

How about the definitve version of the greatest game I have ever played, The Last of Us? How about a whole bunch of dazzling indy titles? How about the superior version of every multiplat game (in respect of consoles)?

I cannot imagine how many hours I have sunk into my PS4 but I assure you, I have found plenty to enjoy.

To top it all off, Bloodborne is upon us at last, if you cannot find anything to enjoy playing on PS4 then I can only conclude that you dont like games as much as you think you do.

With regard to cultural change, Yoshida is still doing the business as far as I am concerned. While a subscription is required to play online this generation, Sony have recognised that the best way to foster growth in this area is to offer amazing games for free. As someone who owns a PS3, PS4 and a Vita I have no problem at all paying a subscription.

The reason MS backtracked on all their launch plans was because Sonys approach to the business had NOT changed with this generation and the public recognised this fact.

BattleAxe1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


That's correct, I don't own a PS4. I waited a year before deciding to buy a console, and I decided that the Xbox One was the more interesting of the two. Most consumers will research a product before buying it, rather than buying it and then doing the research.

I've been a huge Sony fan for years, but I could see that Sony has changed, and that the exclusive games that had come out on PS4 weren't all that great up to this point. It boggles my mind as to how people on this website are so blind to see how Sony has changed from the PS3 days. If you don't realise it now, then hopefully over time you'll see what I'm talking about.

A couple of my friends own PS4s, so I have been able to play some games on their machines, and I'll be going over to a friends place to play Bloodbourne when it releases within the next couple weeks.

You see, I don't hate the PS4, I just think its far overrated. If it did come with the great exclusives like the PS3 had last gen, not just in name, but in quality also, I would own a PS4 in a heartbeat.

I'm glad that you've been able to sink lots of play time into your PS4. I have friends on my PSN friends list who haven't had the same experience.

As far as your comment about me possibly not liking games as much as I think I do, gaming is my main hobby, and when it comes to consoles, I usually only buy one console brand during a console generation. I still buy games on my PS3, I'm on PC with Steam & Origin, and this generation with regards to consoles, I own an Xbox One.

Xbox One has been great since I purchased mine just this last November. Because I bought the Halo Master Chief Collection, I was able to get into the Halo 5 beta, and even though I wasn't much good at it, it was a blast!

Xbox One and PC integration is one of the more interesting things that Microsoft has going for their console. Other than Halo5, I'm also looking forward to some of Microsoft's other exclusives coming down the line such as Scalebound, Quantum Break and the next entry into the Gears of War series. I didn't get much into Halo or Gears last generation, so this feels kind of new to me, which is a great feeling to have.

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ltachiUchiha1224d ago

There are so many amazing games out there on every platform, the sad thing is not everyone can afford every platform and whats even sadder is, no offense against those who love COD but I hate seeing games that are so much better yet they are so underrated and dont even sell 10% as much as COD does yet COD is released almost every freakin year. Its really sad and to make it even worse some of these gems never get a sequel because the studio didn't make enough back to continue.

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