A week with an $8,000 PC: testing the Falcon Northwest Mach V

"I don’t have what you would call a 'high-end' gaming PC at home. It isn’t just a potato hidden within a bright orange case, but it’s not the LPC either. I built it on a budget last year and it gets my games played and my internet surfed, a situation I imagine describes a decent portion of PC gamers. Those willing to shell out the cash for the absolute best possible rigs push developers to test the limits of PC gaming, but I think a lot of PC gamers just want to play games. I’d love to be able to max out any game and have it run buttery smooth or to upgrade my GPU, it’s just not in my budget. So when I was told to bring home the $8,000 Falcon Northwest Mach V we’ve been referring to as the Red Baron, it felt like Christmas came early."

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Snookies121106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Can someone get me one of these? Thanks! Lol, I really need to update my GPU, still running on a 5700 series which is just not doing the job these days. Pretty much everything else in my rig is pretty great.

I_Love_Gaming1106d ago

Sure just give me you car (if the value is 12K or more) and I will give you a PC worth 8,000$. I will also give you a 50$ steam card! lol :p