Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: Series A Funding Heist Guide

Trevor joins the Heist game in the Series A Funding Heist. This one has more set ups than any before it and pays out quite a bit.

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poor_cus_of_games1227d ago

I've hosted the first two heists. So where the hell is my third heist?

dreamed1227d ago

I would just like to play them,after spending 10 hrs on tuesday trying to get a game going we managed to get to heist 2 part 2.

The networking for this game is total jank,the way the entire multiplayer works is crap imo,why oh why cant we just set up a game instead of having to wait for a call from lester the molester!!!.....

Seriously thought heist might have rekindled my want to play gtao.......but in typical rockstar fashion.... not a chance,what with all the constant disconnections and the worst matchmaking in living history this game is just a boring piss off.

Your either in a lobby alone or staring at clouds for hours.

Never again will i bother with gta.