5 Things We Desperately Want in Dead Space 4

WorstnBest: Dead Space was a standout the best sets of three of the last reassure era. The alarming story of Isaac Clarke’s fight against an outsider infection and the awful mesomorphs, the arrangement topped deals diagrams and earned itself a multitude of fans. The last game, Dead Space 3, was discharged in 2013, preceding designer Visceral Games proceeded onward to different undertakings.

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maniacmayhem1198d ago

This game jumped the shark at part 2 where your character started gaining some powers and part 3 completely was ruined with co-op. This is one of the only times where I say a series like this needs to stick to the design and the solo action of part one which was a fantastic game.

Also another animated movie wouldn't hurt, the first one was awesome.

joab7771198d ago

The first one was actually frightening. Thats what I want in the next one.

How about a new story in the dead space universe. Hell, you could even reboot it and have it be another version of Isaac's experience.

zrud1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Well. Id say the coop can work. But imo they did not do it right. I thought the parts where my friend saw some random shit that i did not. Was kinda spooky. BUT there were so few moments like that. They should have played with that mechanic way WAY more.

example. Suddenly you see a big ass horde of xenomorphs rushing towards you (they aint real). you ofc naturally start to shoot and fall back. As your friend just see you shooting thin air, and hear your screams about xenomorphs. Thats just the tip of the iceberg how it could been done.

That would be physiological horror at its best.

imranmani1198d ago

They really need to tie up the story and bring back the physiological horror

Jalva1198d ago

8 player co-op please!

I_Love_Gaming1198d ago

8 PLAYERS? That would take the scary away from the game. It would limit it too. Like if a monster pops up, the people in front may only get scared

Two-Face1198d ago

Wow you could not tell he was being sarcastic? Wow.

-Foxtrot1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Just continue where Dead Space 2 left off. He had a nightmare on his way home (aka Dead Space 3), Ellie wakes him up and they head towards a nearby ship outside of Earths orbit which is basically the Ishimura 2. They end up being Unitologists and the shitstorm happens all over again some way

Not that hard guys.

NovusTerminus1198d ago

I think Dead Space 3 was fine in the story, kind of like a cinematic close of a movie. NOTE: I am not talking about gameplay, just story.

I think they need to ditch Isaac (His death or being alive up to the players mind) and start with new characters.

Omnisonne1198d ago

I think DS3 is too open-ended to just ditch Isaac, since he is the only one with the markers' blueprint planted in his brain.

Though a new character would be a nice fresh start, and a chance to take a step back from the Savior of the Universe type of plot. Perhaps more confined and personal

-Foxtrot1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

The story just became over the top and more silly then it was.

Not to mention Carver who was a horrible character and they sexed up Ellie instead of her tomboyish self.

It's basically the Alien 3 of video games and look what's happening to it now, they are skipping over it.

Revolver_X_1198d ago

I liked the DS3 story as well. Get rid of the coop and DS3 was a solid entry imo. But, Im the type who thinks DS2 is the best of the series. I dislike tank controls used to help convey a sense of horror. A game should be scary or not, not have tank controls add to suspense. That's just cheap. I actually loved the beginning of DS3. The exploration in space was such a missed opportunity. The suspense of getting disoriented, if they just added some formidable enemies, it could of been a great and memorable first few chapters.

Revolver_X_1198d ago

I'll take DS2 mechanics and DS1 environment, all though DS2 didn't slouth in that department.

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