Target planning B1G1 50% off sale during the week of March 29

Target will soon be kicking off a pair of buy one, get one sales.

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chuck8261045d ago

I can finally get the order 1886 for cheap

GearSkiN1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

Dude redbox it, that's what I should have done

chuck8261045d ago

Where im from redbox only have ps3 games not ps4

N81045d ago

Yeah I'm doing bloodborne and the order. Good deal.

rashada071045d ago

definitely rent- I'm not saying the game is bad but I personally would have been kicking myself if I spent anywhere near 60$

Dizzydrifter11045d ago

people are allready selling it for $35 on craigslist in my area...

3-4-51045d ago

Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection + Diablo 3 ? hmmmm

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Canary1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

Every time I see, "B1G1," I think of Baldur's Gate. Shirley, I'm not the only one?