Editorial: Uncharted 4 Delay Influenced By The Order: 1886?

The two games have some distinct similarities and when the critics don't respond well to one, you might assume the other development team notices.

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Nitrowolf21224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

" I firmly believe the critical reception of The Order showed a clear bias in the industry: We just don't like strictly linear games anymore. We call them "outdated."

Sorry, that's not even close. We can like linear games, the issue with the order was for most the lack of gameplay, not that it was linear. I doubt Order played a role, if any, in Uncharted Delay, I mean do people really expect after getting 3 Uncharted games already that it'll be deprived of gameplay?

This piece is thinking way to much and connecting dots that aren't there. I'm sure the delay had good reasons, but I doubt it because the story ended up being around 8 hours (and like any uncharetd game, that'll be mostly gameplay anyway), ior because it had 'dated' gameplay. Yes, they have similarities, but they are still completely different games.

Bigpappy1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

This is one of the things that annoys me the most about PS-fanboys. When every there is any negative about PS it's games or Sony in general, there is always conspiracy or bias involved. All these gaming sites, even the one that gave Uncharted 9's and perfect 10's are now somehow biased against PS4 exclusives. I am really, really tired of hearing that lame excuse, and I doubt anyone outside the fanboy clan is buying it.

The critics, did not like the game! If you think it's so great, talk about why you love it so much, instead of crying over other's opinions. Theirs is no more valid than yours until you give them that power by caring so much that you value what they have to say over your own. It really show a serious lack of self-esteem.

They didn't like Ryse very much, but I bought it, ended up playing the full campaign and all the arenas including all the DLC until they was nothing more to unlock and I was too powerful. I have not had more fun with any other game. You didn't see me here crying over reviews and boycotting sites for their opinions, just let people know how I was enjoying the game and why.

Not directed at you Nitrowolf, it is actually adding to what you said even if you happen to disagree with my rant.

Ballsack1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

The order..

Next its gona be blamed for world hunger,Ebola and fanboys

Sites still using the order for hits...sad

KwietStorm1224d ago

You never had more fun than Ryse? Like ever? For real? Or are you just making a point?

itBourne1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I find it funny, games that do not receive mass market advertising, are reviewed in a different standard. The Order was not marketed well, just like most of Sony's more niche 1st party games. Sony releases a ton of games, where as MS releases 2 or 3 different games a life cycle and markets the hell out of them.

What REALLY pisses me off though, is new ips and other certain games get scrutinized to no end over the smallest freaking thing and it snowballs. Oh, such and such game has generic 1st person shooter mechanics, fail. Well sorry if the game does not make a massive change to the industry. What about Call of Duty 9, or Battlefield 17, they do not change the industry either, but lets not criticize them. Then when a new ip does do something a different style they get chastised. Look at Zelda, good god that formula has been outdated for 10 years, yet nope it is good. Mario kart? Umm yah Modnation Racers put that damn game to shame... The industry begs for new stuff, then criticizes them to no end, and embraces the nostalgic or mass market that refuses to actually move the industry forward.

Griever1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Playstation exclusives always get nitpicked to no end. The history is proof enough. When you see something happening repeatedly, people start seeing a pattern. For example, when Insomniac make Infamous for PS4, it is supposedly mediocre but when it makes Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One, it is an instance critics darling? How come? It is the same developer, the same talent and even similar games.Ironically, they sell completely opposite. Yes, there is no proof of the bias but it definitely looks that way.

The PS exclusives were getting great reviews a few years back when it was the underdog. People love to support the underdog and drag down the winner. That is what is happening with Xbox One and PS4 this gen and also happened with PS3 and XBox 360 at the beginning of the last gen. Even though Playstation has years of history of providing high quality exclusives, people start doubting it after just one year on the market. While Xbox has a history of bribing for games and abandoning console support mid-gen but suddenly it supposedly has become an underdog fighting for the gamers' future. People have such short memories and learn nothing from the past.

Software_Lover1224d ago

@ Griever

... Um, I really don't think you know what you're talking about. That first paragraph is a bunch of fail so I don't even know where to start criticizing.

OB1Biker1224d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Well done for ignoring reviews about Ryse and enjoying the game.
But I never care about games on other consoles I don't intend to play and I don't feel the need to comment about games I don't like just to say so,
I never feel the need to criticize people who like games I don't like and not going to call people fanboys because they disagre with reviews bashing games they like. So I don't get why you feel the need to do so.
You should realise it great to be able to comment about articles presenting opinions as facts. People give too much credits to reviewers who feel empowered to write sometimes complete nonsense

360ICE1223d ago

Hi! What you just said isn't "Sony fanboys" as much as "fanboys".

I have never known fanboys to accept rivaling points of views.

christian hour1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


Insomniac didn't make inFamous.

That was sucker punch.

And inFamous sequels have yet to top the original game in tone and story. That plot twist *-*

As for insomniac, they made racket and clanch (yes that is an intentional lettery switcheroo) and the Resistance series which, was very well received by critics.

Personally I hated resistance. I found the story/dialogue/gameplay very uninspired and monotonous but hey, that's just me. I understand, recognise and respect it is in a lot of peoples top 10 lists.

As for this article, we don't hate linear games. And the reaction to The Order would not phase Naughty Dog in the slightest.

They reinvented (or reinvigorated maybe?) the third person action/adventure genre with gusto. The list of things they brought to the table is immense and would take more time than I'm willing to type right now but one of my favourite little things was those context sensitive animations that everyone has tried (poorly) to copy since (e.g nate shielding his eyes near flames, using the wall for propulsion or support, putting hands up when running full steam towards a wall etc etc).

Their linear games are the best around, is what I'm trying to say.

With Uncharted and TLOU under their belt, why would they let the backlash towards the Order spook them in to a delay?

This article is just click bait using the news of uncharteds delay and still using the Order to pull in the clicks. Pathetic.

Linear games are not a bad thing, and they never will be. I lik open world games but you can not deliver the kind of pacing and narrative you want in an open world game.

Alan Wake is a perfect example of this. It started life as an open world game, but they switched gears when they realised they couldn't do the story justice and thus, made it linear. Different genres/gameplay for different stories, in the end you take the approach that best suits what you're trying to share with the world.

Open world works for games where gameplay trumps story and you can make your own path/adventure. Linear works for strict narrative with a particular tone and pacing in mind. And timing is EVERYTHING.

A linear game segmented with sandbox moments can be the best of both worlds. The Last of Us says hello.

tl;dr version * Article is clickbait, open world and linear games serve different functions, both are equally good. And insmoniac didnt make infamous.

Sheikh Yerbouti1223d ago

Read the article Pappy. More like the PS4's detractors are the ones with the conspiracies. As for the bias against innovative game (i.e. cinematic and story driven)...OBVIOUS!!!

GameNameFame1223d ago


Funny you mention that cause you cry about every MisterXmedia conspiracy.

Literally every single secret sauces that turned out to do nothing.

And still getting hyped up with DX12 when Spencer himself shot it down 5 times.

Talk about conspiracy theory. LOL

Sono4211223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I said it before i'll say it again... I think it was delayed for Project Morpheus support.. it was delayed into the launch window for Project Morpheus and it would be a great title to help push units.. can't think of a more heavy hitter than uncharted. I can tell you i'd love to be playing Uncharted 4 on Project Morpheus.. not to mention if they add some sort of first person mode just for Project Morpheus... omg that'd be great :D even though I know that most likely wont happen :(


More on topic.. I think this has absolutely nothing to do with the order.. idiotic article.

kraenk121223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


3rd person games don't really work on VR systems. Not even talking about all you people unrealistically expecting AAA games like this suddenly to be available in 3D. Never gonna happen! The power of the PS4 simply won't be able to do this.
They simply want the game to be as brilliant as can be as it most likely will be the final game in the series. Just like they stated.

BattleAxe1223d ago

@ Greiver

Your post is total nonsense. Uncharted, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo, God of War, Resistance, LBP and Killzone are all highly rated game series.

Griever1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

@software lover

My bad. I stand corrected. I confused the names of the developers and their games. Although my point still stands and people get what I meant to say.


Oh really? Tell me again how was the critical reception and metacritic averages for the latest iterations of most of those franchises? God of War: Ascension, Gran Turismo 5, LBP3 and Killzone Shadowfall. 4 out of those 6 were trashed by the media. As I said the media was with Playstaion only for the last few years of last gen. It is back again in Ms's lap.

BattleAxe1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


Because the quality has gone downhill. Whats so hard to understand about that? Last generation Sony had great quality, this generation not so much.

The critical reception was good for both GT5(84) & 6 (81). God of War: Ascension (80) wasn't as good as God of War 3 (92), so why would it get the same high scores?

Even though God of War: Ascension wasn't as good as God of War 3, it still managed to get a descent Metacritic score, so I don't see what the big deal is. But instead of criticising the critics, you should take a closer look at game quality.

The main problem is that Sony loyalists feel that every exclusive game on the Playstation 4 deserves a high score because it's a Playstation exclusive. There's no objectivity by the fanbase.

It's almost like how people in the U.S. will blindly follow the Democrats or the Republicans. Each of them will say that nothing the other party does is any good, simply because they are flag waving their own party's banner. Playstation fans are acting dumber than I have ever seen. It is certainly a different generation alright...

Azzanation1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

@ Bigpappy

Its very true. I don't hear articles about Nintendo, Xbox or even PC games trying to claim justice on a bad game. These fanboys are the ones that praised review scores when they go there way and then cry out bias when its not. These are the kids of the industry. There the same ones who hated Titanfall and downgrading its USER score on Metacritic yet are excited to see Titanfall 2 available on there platform.

Killer Instinct is by far the best fighting game iv ever played and it sits on a 73 meta.. I don't cry about it because its reviews reflected what the game was missing at launch which was content. The Order also lacked content and replay value and so does DriveClub yet I hear people jump up and down because there games aren't getting good feedback. Insecurity is what I gain from N4G. If you brought the wrong console, no one is stopping you from buying the others.

rainslacker1223d ago

As I recall, many PS fans said what they liked about the game, yet got called Sony fan boys and people that wanted to game to score low wouldn't accept that some people liked it.

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Ezz20131224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I love both open world and linear games
but will always favor the linear games
there are bad open world games as there is bad linear games
it always come down to the developer

ND didn't delay Uncharted 4 because the critical reception of The Order 1886
they delay it because they need more time just like Cd project needed more time for the Witcher 3 and just like Rocksteady needed more time with Batman Arkham Knight

ND have proven themself as one of the very very best
They know what they are doing ...if they need more time then they should take their time

MazzingerZ1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

For some reason I feel SONY is trolling us with that "delay"...ND always delivers in time, it's either strategic move or Shu is just about to troll everybody during E3...we'll soon get the answer.,,

badboyz091224d ago

Gamers today are Spoiled.

AsheXII1224d ago

The order was very similar to Uncharted 3 in terms of linearity and pointless cinematic moments where you just walk and do nothing. I can totally see where the article comes from.

OrangePowerz1224d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I guess you run everywhere and never walk? It might be seen as pointless, but in reality it's something normal every human being is doing. Sometimes we walk slowly around and observe the surrounding.

I get that people think it's boring or pointless but it's how reality works. Just look at the majority of shooters they are far removed from how a person would actually move and behave. I always to gringe when there is a shooter where you play trained military characters and they pick up weapons that are on the floor from the enemies.

Aloy-Boyfriend1223d ago

Uncharted 3 was amazing has doesn't even compare with The Order. yes it was more linear than the previous games, but that wasn't as bad as The Order.

OrangePowerz1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

My head hurts from silly articles like that. ND has enough integrity to not change their vision on reviews based on some other game.

Also if the Order is responsible for the delay if Uncharted what badly reviewed game was responsible for the delay of TLoU?

It's ridiculous what people come up with nowadays. It won't be ready for 2015 so they delayed it. The demo they showed already highlighted that the areas will be a lot more open compared to before.

AsheXII1223d ago

It has nothing to do with integrity, but standards change and saturation with ultra linear games is higher today than ever. Uncharted 3 could have just as much gotten the same lower scores as The Order had it released today.

That assuming reviewers are not biased towards ND and don't forgive their flaws.

OrangePowerz1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I actually see the opposite. A much higher quantity of open world games and MP focused games compared to the past and I don't agree with the sentiments that games have to be more open and less linear or contain MP. Games should be the way the devs want them to be and not how some media or gamers want them to be.

Review scores should be ignored just like the "opinion" of many reviewers. And there would be valid justification to review UC3 with the same scores as The Order if it would be reviewed now. Just like I don't think that there is much justification to review The Order with scores of 6 or below. It doesn't reflect the production value the game has.

I'm against reviews since quite some time because all they are nowadays are opinion pieces on how the reviewer thinks they game should have been made instead of just giving the reader the facts. Reviews are highly subjective now compared to the old days. Before the internet the magazine reviews focused on giving the reader a sense of how the game is and having their reviews informative because they couldn't just watch a 20 minute video on Youtube. That changed a lot over the years and isn't the case anymore.

OpenGL1223d ago

I agree, it makes no sense especially when you consider Naughty Dog released TLOU remastered less than a year ago, which along with the PS3 original is one of the highest rated games of all time.

Did something happen in the last year that made people hate linear games? No, a few mediocre linear games were just reviewed poorly.

Kingdomcome2471223d ago

I don't see any similarities between the two, outside of the third person perspective.

rainslacker1223d ago

The more logical thing to conclude is that if ND was delaying in response to linear games, then a 6 month delay would not help at all, as that is nowhere near enough time to completely reenginener a game.

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Relientk771224d ago

I think it's because The Uncharted Trilogy is coming to PS4 this holiday season. They want the first 3 games to come first, then the new game later.

Nitrowolf21224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I really do hope thats the case and would make a lot of sense. I mean, they could easily pull it off as a E3 announcement and announce a SP demo is included or Beta Access to UC4 Multiplayer. I would be in line for that day f'n zero

-Foxtrot1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

If they are going to continue making the MP in Uncharted 4 like Cod or any other MP game then I hope the one in the collection will be Uncharted 2 before the 1.5 update

Dirtnapstor1223d ago

It could be this simple.
But really, no complaints here when it comes to delays. Time allotted to fine tune and make the best series (of any platform) on the market accentuate that notion....
Nothing influences ND's decision making except for ND themselves.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

Uncharted trilogy??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? please!

Fro_xoxo1224d ago

umm.. Uncharted is a proven franchise.

How did you come about this thought?

. . Uncharted 4 was simply delayed 'cause it needed more time.

Naughty Dog released a statement already..

No point making up false excuses.

badz1491224d ago

when The Withcher 3/Batman AK were delayed;

"we don't mind, take your time to make the best game ever"

when Uncharted 4 is delayed;

"The Order is the reason for the delay"

SMH I don't get people sometimes

Redempteur1223d ago

This isn't the first AAA game delayed, and it won't be the last.

Glad that the practise of delaying your game to polish it or if you need more time is becoming the trend.
There was enough games last year holidays that just weren't ready...on all consoles !!

EvilWay1224d ago

Naughty Dog probably laughed at the Order to be honest. They would never delay there game because The Order for a lot of criticism why would they? Naughty Dog is the best studio we have today

Jalva1224d ago

"Naughty Dog is the best studio we have today"

Yeah... that's highly subjective mate.

LightDiego1224d ago

Naughty Dog it's the best studio, or at least one of the best studios of the industry, that's a fact.
But of course a troll like you will be in denial.

thanhgee1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Yes, because those hundreds of GOTY awards were given to them because you know.. People felt bad.


Rimeskeem1223d ago

You cannot deny that they have created some of the most critically acclaimed games that we have seen in the past decade. They have proven they are leagues ahead of at least 90% of the devs out there.

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