Paradox on How to Fight Back Piracy & Cities: Skylines Pirated Copies during Its First Days

Cities: Skylines is the best selling title for Paradox Interactive and Shams Jorjani – VP of Acquisition at Paradox – revealed how the company will fight back piracy, as well as the percentage of pirated copies for Cities: Skylines these first two days.

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Psychotica1078d ago

They should put code in to detect if it's pirated or not then reformat their hard drive for them.

Mega241078d ago

Wow dude, that's a bit harsh, maybe to break the game.

OT: It's a shame people still pirate games, then wonder why studios get close when they don't raise enough to cover the budget itself.

1078d ago
Yi-Long1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

@Psychotica: Don't be ridiculous: There are thousands of people who download it to check if their system will be able to run it properly without turning into a noisy heat machine, after which they buy it anyway, in order to be able to use all the free mods in the Steam shop.

Piracy only hurts poor products.

3-4-51078d ago

Good thing is, this is a great game, and most people have recognized that and went ahead and supported CO and bought a copy.

Linwelin1078d ago

No excuse for pirating games this cheap! common guys you can get it for £13 quid!

Unless you wanted to try before you buy then I personally have no problem with that, most games don't have demo's or anyway to try them before you buy. They need to bring demo's back in my opinion.

The_KELRaTH1078d ago

More likely just using the piracy word to get free media attention.

Nwah1077d ago

I agree. Sometimes pirating can be a great alternative to a demo for a game that doesn't have one. Demo's need to be made more often nowadays. I only ever see them for predictable indie games.

Seafort1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Cities Skylines is Paradox's fast selling game to date with 250k sales on first day.

Developers should be working with their communities and not trying to chase after the pirates who could be a potential buyers in the future.

Just forget about the pirates, the more effort you put into stopping piracy the less effort goes into the game before, during and after development.

Somebody1078d ago

Make it awesome and people will come. Make it hellish to enjoy and people will avoid like the plague.

It's weird that a newly, highly-praised city building game came out just after the old guard, Sim City, get scuttled for poor sales(and poor design decisions like always online DRM).

spektical1078d ago

This is the best way to go about it honestly. We also know that piracy is just thrown around by publishers because it justifies the means. What better way to collect more data (its the rage these days) from your players under a guise of DRM.

aLiEnViSiToR1078d ago

Bravo !!!

+1 bubble for you

Kennytaur1078d ago

Seriously, the game is cheap and incredibly good value from day one. If you've pirated this game, you should buy it immediately to support the devs. If you can't afford it, then guess what: you're not entitled to play it. Save some money on candy and pop, put it in this instead. It's a genre niche enough to get effed should publishers decide to use counter-measures like F2P.

UKmilitia1078d ago

hows it compare to simcity?

SniperControl1078d ago

It knocks it out of the park, Skylines is everything Simcity should have been, it has it's flaws, but hopefully the devs should sort those out soon.