Leak claims NVIDIA’s Titan X will be almost as quick as the Titan Z, at a third of the price

Called “the most advanced GPU the world has ever seen” by the company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, at the tail-end of Epic’s Unreal Engine panel, the company was unwilling to share anything beyond a sneak peak at what we can expect. He said that the X would run on a stunning 8 billion transistors with 12GB of available onboard RAM, and left it at that.

Now, the enthusiast website claims to have grabbed the leaked specs, and says the Titan X will come stacked with 3,072 CUDA cores clocked at 1,002MHz. (the boost potential is still unknown), 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM clocked at 1,750MHz, and a 384-bit memory bus resulting in 336GB/s of bandwidth.

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crazychris41241103d ago

Its great and all but why not just for 980 SLI for $100-$300 more depending on what you get??


Sli does not work on all games.

decrypt1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Its not just a question of SLI. I was previously gaming at 5760*1080. New games just eat up VRAM like its no ones business.

I have a new monitor 3440*1440 this is 21:9 ratio. Not as demanding as 4k, but pretty dam good.

To power this setup i have Titan Z in quad sli. A game like Assassins creed unity runs at around 100fps maxed out. However here is the catch. It takes about 4.5gigs of VRAM. It looks bloody amazing.

However if i was to replace my Titans with GTX 980 i would probably start getting stuttering, because the 3440*1440 would choke the 980s at the VRAM.

Hence for people who want to play at super high resolutions like a multi monitor setup, 34440*1440 or 4K then they need the VRAM, GTX 980 just wont cut it.

I would think Titan X in quad sli, would be a very good setup to run 4k in surround, 12 gigs of ram is just what the doctor ordered.


I could pretty much do the same. i bought my titan z for about 1200usd from Ebay, i could probably sell it for a 1000 usd. Get the Titan x tri sli when they launch, not a bad idea at all.

Dogsuferer241102d ago

Sli works in almost every game. If it isn't officially supported people figure it out themselves. Not to mention you're not going to get the same performance from a single GPU. If you play at 1440p or above you should use sli no question.

Gamer19821102d ago

SLI will work on all DX 12 games in the future and all those it doesn't work on you wont need more than 1 980 to get more than 60fps..

mikeslemonade1102d ago

SLI will be the norm in the future. My dual 970s starting to feel the wood already. Gonna be obsolete in 2 years.

But duals 970s is the best value. Even with dual 980s you will need to upgrade in 2.5 years in order to play max 60 frames 1080p.

r1sh121102d ago

a single titan z wont play assassins creed at 100fps? :o
Im not gonna lie Im quite shocked, ass creed has not been optimised at all

Ka7be1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Wait for the R9 390X. It will c*** all over this overpriced Nvidia card.

TardcoreGamer1101d ago

@decrypt "i have a titan z in quad sli" but whhhyyyyyy?? That's not sane, man.

steve30x1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

@ decrypt: Quad SLI is a waste of money. The sweet spot for SLI is Dual SLI and heres your proof

steve30x1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I know decrypt disagreed with me because hes been PM'ing me trying to justify paying over four thousand euro on graphics cards just to play games. My whole computer didn't even cost that much. All the parts combinesd in my computer were a total of 1,00 euro when I built this machine.

No one sane person would pay that much on graphics cards. I have a single GTX680 and it played all games perfectly smooth up to a few months ago when games started getting more demanding and I've always set my games to the maximum settings at 1080P.

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Eidolon1102d ago

I would prefer a single card setup if I was building a gaming PC. SLI has its problems.

STK0261102d ago

A single Titan X will still get you more VRam than 2 GTX 980. If you're looking for 4K gaming, I think you get a better deal with the Titan series.

crazychris41241102d ago

True, you could even go for SLI Titan X which might get you 4k60fps. Cant wait to see 4k benchmarks when this drops.

mep691101d ago

Isn't Dx12 meant to be better for sli and crossfire?

Sy_Wolf1102d ago

SLI is a compatibility nightmare. One strong GPU is always a better bet than 2 in SLI. Granted I would love to throw 2 of these in SLI because holy crap would the potential improvement gains outweigh the many negatives.

thexmanone1101d ago

just curious,
What Negatives are you talking about. I have been running SLI for years.And the only thing i could see as a negative is the additional heat in the case or maybe a little more stress on the power supply. I never had any compatibility problems.

Sy_Wolf1101d ago

@thexmanone incompatibility doesn't always mean the game won't work at all. Some issues are negligible framerate increases, micro stuttering, increased latency, constant tearing even with vsync enabled, much higher heat and power draw, and games tend to be more unstable. The older a game is the more likely that issues are fixed in driver updates and game patches but that doesn't make SLI an ideal solution.

starchild1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I don't prefer SLI setups. Too many issues, unreliable performance, more heat & power draw, shared VRAM limits, etc.

UltraNova1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I had the same opinion until I saw my coworkers PC setup running Crysis 3 @1440p maxed out assets/ quad 780ti sli running super smoothly like butter on a frying pan...

yeah my jaw still hurts...

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barbarapeva1102d ago

the x faster than the Z, i don't understand!

Stiffler1102d ago

Because X is before Z therefor my scientific analysis has concluded.


WelkinCole1101d ago

What!! Z is before X.


traumadisaster1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I got the original titan, 2 years ago used for $800. I could sell it for a couple hundred and I've only spent $300 per year for that card.

I'll be watching this to do the same. I was doing 4k before x1 was even annannounced.

Jag-T10001102d ago

Is it faster than Titan Y or slower than Titan W?

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