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Vince Ingenito writes: It isn’t the prettiest game you can play on PS4, PS3 or Vita, but Helldivers is one of the most exhilarating, and you’ll get all three versions for the price of one. It pits you against seemingly impossible odds, arms you with a powerful, diverse toolset, and empowers you and a group of people to put the pieces together - and they all fit together beautifully.

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DarkOcelet984d ago

"+Intense action
+Varied challenge
+Incredible co-op
+Weapons and upgrades
– Average looking"

This is hypocritical. Average Looking? You expect a small indie game to look like The Order 1886 or something? This is the first review IGN gives an indie game, the minus ''Average Looking''

None of the other indie games got decreased because they looked average. I am pretty sure they did that because it is a PS exclusive.

Rimeskeem984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

How do you determine if the game is average looking anyways? *

BullyMangler984d ago

average looking = a look that anybody could have come up with.

chrismichaels04984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

HellDivers is a really fun game. My friends and I are having a blast playing it together. Definitely another solid addition to the PS4 exclusive library this month along with Bloodborne and MLB15 The Show.

JoGam984d ago

I don't know what average is but I do understand what they are talking about. I feel like the game could have looked better than what is does. Don't get me wrong I love the game. Just can't join a working room.

I_Love_Gaming984d ago

Yet they gave Mincraft a 9.7 with no mention of crappy blocky graphics, HAHAHAHA

krypt1983983d ago

game got a 9 out of 10 and people still find something to bitch about wow..

Eonjay983d ago

Its a very subjective quality and you can't really qualify it because it is someones opinion. All reviews are opinions.

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lodossrage984d ago

Yes it is an indie game

Arrowhead Game Studios is an independent developer. They just have Sony as the publisher for this game.

Kinda like how Hitbox Team is an indie, yet they had Capcom publish their game, Dustforce

krypt1983984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

double post oops...

krypt1983984d ago

@lodossrage you just said it yourself sony published the game which makes it not a indie, indie games are self published and self developed hence the word indie short for independent because they don't rely on a publisher to publish the game ..

lodossrage984d ago (Edited 984d ago )


Just because an indie developer needed a publisher doesn't exclude it from being an indie game. Why do you think they still call those very games indies?

The only way it wouldn't be an indie game is if Sony (or any major company) developed the game with them.

Indie games aren't always self published. Why do you think so many indies needed publishers like Konami and Ubisoft to get their products onto psn or xbl?

Indies DO however self develop, which is what Arrow Head Studios did with this game.

Here's another example: Ori and The blind forest is developed by indie developer Mon Studios, but Microsoft published it.

Hell to take it further, think back to when the PS4 was first revealed, they showed off a ton of indie games, even announced them as such before they started. Helldivers was among the bunch.

Qrphe983d ago

This, Sony being involved at all is makes it not indie.

metatronx983d ago

so Ori and the blind forest and Resogun are not indie? Someone please enlighten please.

XiMasterChief983d ago


Well for one, Microsoft and Sony own those IP's.

DigitalRaptor983d ago

@ XiMasterChief

Stop talking rubbish. Indie stands for independent developer, not independent publisher.

Helldivers is made by an independent developer Arrowhead. It's indie. Resogun is made by an independent developer Housemarque. It's indie.

Ori isn't indie because I believe MS owns the studio, but it might as well be as it accomplishes as much as many in the same space.

Sony owns the Journey IP, but it's still an indie game from an indie developer. Microsoft owns Mojang, but Minecraft is still the indie game it always was.

masa2009983d ago

Indy is just a way of saying low budget, small studio.

Gearbox is an independent studio, but you would hardly think of their games as indy.

wsoutlaw87983d ago

So is minecraft now no longer an indie game? If a game is independently made and then gets a publisher to publish it, it isn't indie?

lodossrage983d ago (Edited 983d ago )


No, Minecraft isn't indie anymore. When it was made, it was indeed an indie game. Mojhang wasn't owned by anyone at that time.

But now, because Microsoft literally bought Mojhang, any future developments that come to Minecraft will be with the help of Microsoft's resources.

Thus, it no longer being an indie game.

If Microsoft was ONLY publishing it, it would still be an indie game. But MS owning Mohjang ends all the indie talk for Minecraft.

But to answer your question, if an indie needs just a publisher then yeah the game is still indie. What XiMasterChief and Krypto are saying is wrong

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Blackleg-sanji984d ago

They didn't want to give it a 10/10 that's why

Jalva984d ago

"I am pretty sure they did that because it is a PS exclusive."

And there was me thinking you were about to end on an intelligent note...

Jalva984d ago Show
MysticStrummer983d ago

"no other possible explanation for it."

Yeah it couldn't be because you were just plain rude, could it? Naaah.

Fro_xoxo984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

You're losing the plot here. No one can ever win with you fanboys.

Game scores a 9, yet you're still able to pull a conspiracy out of it.

" I am pretty sure they did that because it is a PS exclusive."

I hope Sony rewards you with all the effort you're making.

WelkinCole984d ago

And it just went over your head. Saying an small game like Hell divers is average looking and it being a negative is pretty much stupid.

It is not the actual score but the reasons to put the game down. Do you get it now?.

InTheLab984d ago

That is pretty ridiculous. I guess 9 means trash in the eyes of some. This type of behavior is embarrassing.

Spotie983d ago

Or maybe, just maybe, the negative doesn't make sense?

ps4gamer1983984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

No matter how detailed a game is, it will look average if it's overhead view. Can't see the finer details when camera is panned out far like that.

Anyway, the 60 fps is exactly what It needed. On ps4 it's smooth but on vita the aim is a little jerky due to the halvened frame rate and lame sticks.

alvgamin4lif984d ago

Honestly i expected them to say something like "Too much difficulty"...

MysticStrummer984d ago

Nah they did a couple of video features on the game before release and it was obvious they loved it, difficulty and all.

LightDiego984d ago

Helldivers doesn't have too much water, that's why the score it's 9.

Muzikguy984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

So IGN had to dog real deep to get something to dock this score? Sounds like an awesome game to me! I think they just told me I should pick it up. Also, it really is lame they don't dock other games for their looks. Like someone else said, what about Minecraft? That game get a special pass? This kind of reviewing is why people start to discredit sites. Of course IGN wants to find fault with the game, it's a PS exclusive :/

StarLord_Who984d ago

It isn't hypocritical, what like a 9/10 isn't good enough??

It was stuck in development an extra two years and hasn't really changed, that's enough of an excuse to not give it a ten.

MoreRPG984d ago

Here we go with the conspiracy theories

Cra2yey3983d ago

This is the same guy that gave Evolve a 9.0 and has lost all credibility from me...

983d ago
captainexplosion983d ago

Amazing that a game can have an 81 on and IGN gives it a 9 and people are still bitching & saying that there is an anti-PS4 conspiracy. Pathetic. And why are people objecting to it being "average looking?" The game simply could have looked a bit better.

masa2009983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

It's described as average looking because it's not visually rich.
Journey is not technically demanding, but its distinctive, thus it's visuals escaped such criticism.

Helldivers looks neither creative not technically accomplished from a visual standpoint.
Is that so hard to understand?

Godmars290983d ago

Did you really get hung up on "Average looking"?

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Benjammin25984d ago

I agree. Fantastic game. Just don't play it by yourself.

KevWriter984d ago

I tried to play solo, and the game put me in my place pretty quickly.

Moe-Gunz984d ago

You can do some lvl 12 missions solo. Just need a ton of distraction beacons and a UAV.

MysticStrummer984d ago

They way I'd put it is, don't play by yourself if you expect and want to play the tougher missions. The first few difficulties are easily soloed, even at a low level, and once you unlock some things you can move up.

Godmars290983d ago

Yeah. That's what keeping me from getting it.

Tdmd982d ago

Same here. Coop is great and all, but I like to have the option to play alone if I want to.
Bah, I'll eventually get it anyway! Who knows? My gf might like it too! =D

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bmwfanatic984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Best download only game released this year imo.

XiMasterChief984d ago

Uh no....

Ori and the Blind Forest
Hotline Miami 2

I_Love_Gaming984d ago

Xi quit being so defensive lol

kaizokuspy983d ago

Ori and Hotline Miami 2 I can agree, but they are both great games, in the same breath as Helldivers. Also, gotta wait and see for Jamestown, Titan Souls, (Axiom Verge, I'm so damn hyped for a metroidvania game) and others not even out yet.

WelkinCole984d ago

Between this game and Velocity 2X for me this year sofar.

FullmetalRoyale984d ago

Watching Starship Troopers on Netflix while this sucker downloads.