Is November the Month Consoles Die?

Forget the console wars, the battle for living room supremacy is going to really heat up in November when Valve’s Steam Machines hit the market. Ever since they were announced there was a real sense that Steam Machines could revolutionise gaming by bringing high quality PC gaming to the living room in a console like package. Now that we finally have a firm release date and details on what to expect from the various Steam Machines, will November be the month that really does revolutionise gaming and see the consoles die?

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PeaSFor1170d ago

to be honest, the shield and steam machines will be DOA, it have no target audience, and like the ouya they will be forgotten pretty quickly.

SteamPowered1170d ago

Actually the Shield is a perfect portable console for Pc and android users. I use my Shield almost every day as do a few of my friends.

zeal0us1170d ago

I'm still waiting for Nvidia to release the sales figure for the original shield.

HammadTheBeast1170d ago


Something tells me you may be a bit biased.

BC_Master_Haze1170d ago


Just let him and PeaSFor duke it out man they're both bias :P I'm hoping one day there's cross platform and we can drop this whole fanboy nonesense. Maybe dx12 can bring xb1 and pc closer while letting amd and nvidia cards be used in unison. Maybe next gen

Dee_911169d ago

i have warranty on my ps4 so if it does die I will get a new one.. why would it die in november though? Some type of EMP attack or som.... wait a minute... I see. this another one of those consoles are dead because of some other gaming device... yea no I'm not falling for that buddy.

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OrangePowerz1170d ago

Skeptical doesn't even cut it. People can buy small form factor PCs since ages. Alienware has their X51 since years, you can get micro ATX PCs since ages. I had 10 years ago a HP desktop gaming PC that was about the same size as the X1.

Steam machines by itself won't change much especially since they won't have any locked down hardware that devs could take advantage of.

When they announced it first I expected them to have maybe 3 different machines with fixed hardware for low, medium and high budgets. That would have allowed devs to actually optimize PC games. Instead it's just what you can buy for years, PCs in a smaller case.

Ratty1170d ago

The main argument people keep bringing up is how it's marketed at people who want to game on PC but don't know how to build a gaming PC but, like you said, they've been selling pre-built gaming PCs forever.

uth111170d ago

PC gaming is too rough around the edges for mass consumption. Although Steam has made great strides in the area. Casuals will not put up with driver conflicts, having to hand edit xml files or the myriad of other issues that PC gamers have to put up with.

Case in point, I had a game on steam that wouldn't change its resolution when I updated my monitor. It recognized the new res, but wouldn't apply it. I had to go in and manually edit the settings file to get it to work.

That kind of stuff will not fly for a "console"

ThunderPulse1170d ago

20 million people bought a PS4 recently they are unlikely to now go out and buy another system this generation.

TrollsBringer1170d ago

These should be decently priced to be a success.

turdburgler10801170d ago

This is without a doubt the dumbest thing valve has ever done. They should have just stuck to steam and finally making half life 3.

bubblebobble1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

if valve wanted to stop making pc games because not many pc players buy them they torrent most games they should of concentrated on ps4 and consoles thats where the revenue is

3-4-51170d ago

November ? The month with a ton of releases ? The month leading up to christmas where everybody is out buying stuff....including Video Games for consoles????

That November ?

Aren't sales usually GREAT in November ?

Tsar4ever011170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )


SilentNegotiator1170d ago

lol, Linux machines killing game consoles...

Cha0tik1170d ago

See the thing here about these Steam boxes are that they are limited PCs. The only reason consoles exist are because they have developers that will work with the set of specs they come with. Without dedicated developers that will continuously develop for these set of specs the steam boxes will deliver then they will eventually be phased out because they will eventually become outdated. If Steam OS can pull of what Sony and Microsoft has for many years and have developers create specific versions of their game for each steam box then maybe they will last just as long but till then... Xbox and Playstation will remain the only real consoles on the market made for gaming. The others are just PCs with limits.

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masterfox1171d ago

is actually the day I will laugh my ass off those things vapor machin.....argg. I mean steam machines :'D

UKmilitia1170d ago

be sat in CEX with the onya.

i already have a ps4 and a pc with steam installed.
there is no use for this.

johndoe112111170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I was looking at those machines on steam and my question is, who is valve marketing those machines too? They range from $500 - $1000. The ones that are $500 - $700 actually have lower specs than the ps4 and which console gamer do they think is going to pay $800 and over for a console. These are the same console gamers that booed when microsoft announced the xbox one for $500.

Where is valve going with this? gamers who already spent thousands building gaming pc's are not going to be paying thousands again for a good steam machine and they won't pay a couple hundred dollars on cheaper ones to get downgraded performance from what they are already used to.

Gamers who have ps4's and xbox one's aren't going to $500 - $700 for less powerful machines. and they are definitely not going to pay thousands to play better multiplatforms. console gamers are all about exclusives and the console market owns when it comes to exclusives.

I could be wrong but I think this is going to be a disaster. I was really interested in this but after checking out those machines and prices there is absolutely no way I'm going to be investing in this. I already got my ps4 and pc, these machines bring absolutely nothing to the table for me.

For anyone that is interested: http://store.steampowered.c...

ratchet4261170d ago

100% agree JohnDoe. What is the market for these devices? The PC gamer already has a custom-built rig (and presumably likes the ability upgrade pieces of it) and the console gamer already has a PS4/XBO/WiiU for the exclusives. Throw in the relatively high prices of these Steam machines and I just don't see who is going to buy these things.

nitus101170d ago


Interesting site. I noticed one "NextBox" which was retailing at US$799.99 to US$1299.99 looks awfully close to Microsoft's logo and console name I think law suites may follow.

ArchangelMike1171d ago

Good article. I don't think either the Steam Machine or the Nvidia shield will be able to sufficiently compete with Microsoft, Sony or even Nintendo. Purely because - I already have Steam, and I already have a PC. So why do I need a Steam Machine or Nvisia Shield. Better graphics you say? Well I'd rather have better exclusives - which they don't provide at the moment.

crazychris41241171d ago

Definitely not but it would be interesting to see how many people buy these machines.