Marvelous Acquires Joe & Mac and Data East Library Through G-Mode Acquisition

Marvelous just acquired G-Mode, a Japanese mobile game content provider that happen to own most of Data East’s intellectual properties.

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DryBoneKoopa851138d ago

I would LOVE for Joe and Mac to come to the Wii U virtual console. I would also love to see a lot of Data East's games come the service as well.

maniacmayhem1138d ago

I don't remember Data East having a lot of great games besides Karnov and the mediocre Fighter's History.

A return of Karnov would be strongly welcomed though.

lodossrage1138d ago

Is it too much to ask for a revival to their classic came, Bad Dudes then? :)

maniacmayhem1138d ago

Oh snap, forgot about Bad Dudes and Two Crude Dudes, I loved those games. Okay maybe Data East has some hits that I just forgot about!

lodossrage1138d ago

lol understandable

Look how long it's been since Data East was even a half decent name in the industry. Hell, I forgot about Fighter's History until I saw your post.