Luckey Backtracks on Oculus Rift in 2015 Comments

VRFocus reports on Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) creator Palmer Luckey commenting on previous statements about a 2015 release.

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traumadisaster1039d ago

Long time gamers have a chest full of old peripherals and tech that all promised the world and fizzled.

You can take every vr article and replace the term vr with 3d/move/kinect and it's the same article written before.

I buy all this stuff anyway but we know what happens.

ChrisW1039d ago

Just out of curiosity, have you tried the DK1 or DK2?

specialguest1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Like you I've tried 3d, move, kinect, etc and they've all had their moments and fizzled away. Unlike you, I own the Oculus rift dk2 VR headset and this is nothing like those other devices. VR fundamentally changes how games are developed and could be experienced.

No other gaming experience made me duck down and reacted physically like i was going to be hit; made me nervous when an animal was almost at face to face distance to me; convinced me that i was sitting 20ft high in my mech/robot; tripped me out on a scene where I'm looking at my own reflection against a rain drizzled window and saw that i was freaking robot mimicking all of my head movements; lay in bed while I'm drifting in space and do nothing but observe the asteroids fly by for a relaxing/therapeutic session. Omg, the list goes on forever.

The point is that VR will stick around. Too many applicable uses and possibilities for VR not too succeed due to the experience of "presence".

traumadisaster1039d ago

I get all those examples, I will have all of that just like I always do.

But my point stands, replace your descriptions of how great this will be and replace vr for 3d/move/kinect/etc and it the same as 5 years ago, just a new device.

kurruptor1039d ago

What makes you think I will stick around compared to the others?

It changes how games are developed and experienced? The same could be said for move and kinect.

I think the price is too much for the average casual. $350 for a peripheral device is a lot.

ChrisW1038d ago


It seems that people forget that VR goggles are essentially near-perfect 3D wearable monitors with motion tracking.

With that in mind, $350 (or so) for a monitor is not expensive at all!

starchild1039d ago

VR is different. You'll see.

paddy951039d ago

Oculus is old and dead now. Valve and Sony have VR actually built for games.

tablecloth1039d ago

Old and dead, really now?

mixelon1039d ago

Old and dead before it's even come out - despite having sold 100,000 DK2s? Hmm.

How many have the competitors sold? Oh yeah.. Zero. 0. Zilch.

iamnsuperman1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Your comment is as stupid as his. It's easy to sell/push a product when it main competitors haven't even put theirs on the market yet

mixelon1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

iamnsuperman: Well its clearly not *dead* is it? I never said it was a huge commercial success, smartass. :P I just said it's *not dead*. I didn't say anything about how it would do if the competitors were also on the scene. They aren't. We can't possibly know one way or another.

Also, its *not* easy to sell 100,000 of a devkit with limited support. It's pretty unprecedented actually.

kaizokuspy1039d ago

@mixelon its easy to sell 100,000 of anything unfinished or still in production. Steam Early Access is proof. Those that want a voice in any iteration of the development bought each to try to praise and voice concerns.

mixelon1039d ago

Kiazokuspy: how many greenlight games cost $350 ? (And a lot more on eBay because of the waiting list) It has been a huge success. So far.

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ShottyGibs1038d ago

Sony is ages away from releasing anything. I anticipate it's not going to be that great with the current ps4 since VR needs x2 fps to work properly.

kickerz1039d ago

I really hope we get Oculus in 2015. I really want one. Havnt tried any VR yet but the whole idea seems amazing. Does it feel like your actually there?

mixelon1039d ago

Depends on the title, but yes - in many circumstances. It can be pretty mind blowing.

ArchangelMike1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

I played EvE:VR at EGX14. It was amazing! Within a few minutes I had completely lost all perception that I was in massive games convention - I was totally absorbed with the space combat. The fact that you were sat in a 360* swivel chair during the demo made it all the more awesome and immersive.

But what I found really interesting was the sense of total disorientation when they took off the VRheadset at the end of the demo. Not only because I was facing a completely different direction than when I initially sat down (swivel chair), but also because it took my brain a few seconds to readjust to reality. It was this last factor that made me realise just how powerful the sense of immersion actually was.

TehDiTH1039d ago

Main problem still being controls,yeah its pretty good. But give it 10 years and with the computer power and hopefuly some brain wave reading device you can be truly lost in worlds.

kickerz1039d ago

All that sounds pretty awesome. Just gonna get lost in other worlds for ages :)

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DeadManMMX1039d ago

Eghhh I thought I read summer 2015 consumer model. Welp it is what it is.

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