Check Out Two New PS4 Dynamic Themes in Action and See if They’re Worth $3.49

It’s always quite difficult to decide which PS4 dynamic themes are really worth the asking price, due to their very nature.

Luckily Disruptive Media Publishers is always pretty open with the quality of its products, and publishes videos to let you judge for yourself.

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TheJacksonRGN1197d ago

The dog fight one is pretty cool.

RealFry1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

The animation of the dog fight itself was kinda cool, but the ships and background look cheaply made and textured. It looks like a super lowbudget sci-fi flick. If the people publishing these themes want to make real money they should be taking the time to craft something unique and detailed or if they cant make something from scratch, get licensing rights for something already established and make it interesting in a theme setting.

These low effort themes are junk, and even more so now that they are asking money for them.

Insomnia_841197d ago

I'm definitely getting that 3D Poseidon's Aquarium!!

inveni01197d ago

Yeah, that one's awesome.

medman1196d ago

These just reinforce my opinion that we need a proper No Man's Sky theme, and fast....

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level 3601197d ago

Honestly no.

It is still only a screen saver even if it does look astonishingly cool.

timemuffin1197d ago

Questioning the value of a thing is so subjective. I think these both look pretty dope but if another person says the idea of throwing $3.49 at something that they probably won't see very often is ridiculous who am I to argue.

Muzikguy1197d ago

I'm going to say no because I wouldn't pay that regardless of how cool they looked

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The story is too old to be commented.