Luckey 'Still Believes' Oculus Rift Will Be Best Consumer HMD

VRFocus reports on a statement from Palmer Luckey in which he suggests that the Oculus Rift will be the best consumer HMD.

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mixelon1099d ago

They've got the developer head start. I guess we'll know if their HMD is the best if they ever finalise the specs. Sheesh.

No rush really, I wouldn't want them to half bake it. I'm pretty happy with the Dk2 already, but still would be nice to know what to save up for with so many competing devices coming up.

Blackleg-sanji1099d ago

I actually think it's anybody's game at this point all 3 of them sound equally good with ups and downs I think they all can succeed jus need a good price

Orbilator1099d ago

price to be honest is irrelevant if its got no software support, but i think they all have good outlook

kaizokuspy1099d ago

Morpheus seems further along with the way most already developed games should be easier to integrate with their hmd will work, but I am not holding my breath. I look forward to seeing how all of these devices work and integrate with current tech.

ArchangelMike1098d ago

I agree that price is secondary to immersive and complelling gaming experiences. If all that is released for VR are 'B' rated indie games and 'swimming with sharks' simulators - then the price won't really matter, becasue it will be seen as a cheap gimmick.

If however VR releases with compelling high production AAA games e.g. Alien IsolationVR, or P.T., or even somthing like Call of Duty VR. Then it will quickly become a must have item. Then the price becomes less of an issues, as consumers will chase after the latest and greatest in terms of immersive entertainment.

The manufacturer that will take the largest VR marketshare will be the one that can provide that AAA experience at an affordable price. The two that have the software to back up such experiences at the moment are Sony and Valve.

Orbilator1099d ago

this is relative to be honest, whilst they all still in development they can all squabble which one is best.
Once the retail units are out and the hard ware is finalised with no chance of changes it all comes down to which system you have, what software support it has, how much it cost and how soon will they upgrade and obsolete your headset.

Im looking forward to it for sure but i still think we got another long 10 months to wait till they launch

kaizokuspy1099d ago

The HoloLens lead designer was fatally hit by a drunk driver last Saturday, so I am sure progress slowed somewhat. That guy was young and really talented.

ZeekQuattro1099d ago

I just don't see it taking off. Its a cool gimmick but I just can't see it being viable.

ArchangelMike1098d ago

That depends on available AAA software and the price of the device really.

_-EDMIX-_1099d ago

I think thats not really likely. Its more likely going to be Morpheus just based on being on a console.

As a PC gamer, I'm sorry but PC gaming as it is isn't really "consumer" friendly.

More strings attached to PC gaming them most really understand, hell explaining just settings and frames to someone who I built a PC for really stressed them out, I for a while literally set up certain settings for them on some games lol

They are better now at understanding how troubleshooting works, updates, etc.

PC gaming is just really dedicated to those that actually take the time to really know that they are doing in building, upgrading, trouble shooting etc.

Consoles by default will always be much more user friendly.

If I where to put money in stocks regarding to VR doing well, I would back Morpheus vs a PC device.

Its just the nature of gaming....

bleedsoe9mm1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

pc will have porn , morpheus probably won't . thats a big advantage for oculus

Thehyph1099d ago

There's Facebook porn? Didn't know this. :P

Scatpants1099d ago

The Oculus outputs video. The video doesn't have to be approved by Facebook. Thats like saying if I watch porn on my Sony TV "there's Sony porn?"

kaizokuspy1099d ago

If I can connect my DualShock 4 to my Note 4, I will sure as hell find a way to use it on my phone as well......jk

but I am sure that it will be able to browse the web on ps4. I want some minority report gloves. No keyboard, just lazy awesomeness

crazychris41241099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Agreed I was completely lost when I first started getting my parts together for my first build about 3 years ago. But if you head to forums like Tom's Hardware, people will help you build one or help you look for pre built PCs. For those looking to head to PC its very simple. The more you want the more you have to pay. You can build something for $500 but dont expect much. If you are looking for something that runs games on high-maxed on most games at 60 fps then you need to drop $1000+ on the PC itself.

All 3 VR devices look great. Morpheus would be the easiest to get into. Buy the PS4, login and plug in the VR and done. Obviously the other devices depend on your PC but if you a beast of as PC you will blow Morpheus out of the water.

Scatpants1099d ago

I'll probably get the Morpheus and one of the PC ones. I'm going to drop a GTX 970 or 980 into my rig as soon as they announce preorders.

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