The Atom Deserves His Own Video Game

Ray Palmer’s one of those comic book heroes that sadly gets forgotten from time to time. After DC Comic’s Infinite Crisis and tie-ins he really hasn’t been too prominent in the DC Universe.

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Ajoyshop1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

How well known is he? I'm more a marvel guy but I wonder how well he is known compared to other DC universe people.

OpieWinston1227d ago

Much better DC characters to take after. Atoms getting his attention on Arrow but if they did an Atom game it wouldn't sell well and it would have to be very linear.

-Foxtrot1227d ago

Yeah but lets be honest anyone who appears on Arrow is nothing like their comic counterpart. They change way too much source material in that series to the point where I question why bother basing it off the Green Arrow.

The Atom on that looks like Captain America got an Iron Man suit.

maniacmayhem1227d ago

WHa!? The Atom? As interesting as that might sound I think we should focus on DC's more iconic heroes first like ...SUPERMAN, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. Then we can start to dig deep for DC's more b-list heroes.