Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield Hardline

"If you’re one of the many (like me) who love multiplayer shooters, then there’s a good chance that you’re looking to pick up Visceral Games’ take on the Battlefield franchise with Battlefield Hardline.

Unsure what you’ll be getting for your $60? That’s where we come in with one of our “Everything You Need to Know” posts since it will have all the Battlefield Hardline info you’ll need before the game shoots out to retail." - PSLS

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EvilWay1041d ago

It doesn't suck but I doesn't wow me either. The graphics look like it could run on 360. It just isn't all that fun for me and I don't know why honestly.
The game has 4 guns per class and is basically a dumbed down noob friendly version of Battlefield 4

On a good note the game runs solid and the net code seems to be pretty good. The game has its own identity and that is fine but it should not have the battlefield title on it should be its own game, even it if took a lot from Battlefield.

I don't thinks it's a terrible game but maybe not worth $60 because it feels like a dumbed down expansion for BF4. That is just my opinion though

Razputin1041d ago

I was at a focus group for this game back in December 2013, and I said the same thing.

I'm part of a clan with 30 guys and none of us will be getting Hardline.

This should have been a small $20-30 mod pack/expansion at most.

Consoles have closed all all creativity on PC. We do not get SDKs and we can't develop mods and extras on our own anymore.

AAA publishers have completely sealed off their games and try to milk it out as much as possible with ridiculous pay for DLC.

kaizokuspy1041d ago

@EvilWay : I can understand why it doesn't wow you, but I'll share why it wowed me and why I may enjoy it. Those who complain are generally strictly Battlefield veterans. The series today wouldn't be what it is without you guys. Tons of fun. This game, I agree, isn't true Battlefield, but borrows a lot from its predecessors as to why Battlefield is attached. However, I was never good or talented at BF3 or BF4, but really was wowed and loved those games. Yet, I never binge played the battlefield series, but I did COD:4, MW2, and AW respectively. When I tried the beta for hardline it was like my 2 favorite shooters had a baby, and I was hooked. It felt like the speed of COD (albeit a little toned down, which was good) and the crazy amount of players in one server we have come to expect. It just appeals to me as the best of both worlds, but not exclusive to one or the other. I played that beta 2.5 days in total in game hours across 7 days. It was only 2 modes with 1 map each. Thats why I enjoy it. If you and other veterans are waiting for a price drop that is understandable, and I look forward to trying to get your patches when that day comes. I really agree it should have just been called Hardline, it probably wouldn't be so off putting then to BF lovers.

Yukonsbud1041d ago

I'm not buying hardline. Maybe I'll get it when its around $20 but till then I'll play/wait for better games that have effort put into them.


There are too many multiplayer rabbit holes to dive down for me to get tied up with Hardline.