See the Power of Replay Mode in New Driveclub Video

Replays are coming to Driveclub next week and Evolution Studios has shared a little preview of what a replay can look like in the game.

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ValKilmer1078d ago

They're glorious. Absolutely glorious.

It's clear that as it stands and will stand soon, this is the best driving game on the market.

GribbleGrunger1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Using replay coupled with the new 'mist' effects, we're going to see some pretty nice pics using photo-mode, especially if we can adjust the density of the mist.

1077d ago
GribbleGrunger1077d ago

Yes, the shimmering you get when the road is hot and you look across it. :)

PersonMan1077d ago

That's not mist, it's a mirage.

It's when the road looks wet at extreme angles in the sun.

Also, they already have heat waves.

ValKilmer1077d ago

Name three racing games that are better.

typittt691077d ago

Not sure if you meant best looking racing game, which of course is not even a contest.
Now if you meant best DRIVING game, well here is a couple more than 3.
Gran Turismo 1-2-3-4-5-6
Forza 1-2-3-4-5
Forza horizon 1-2
F1 series
Asetto Corsa

I could go on and on c'mon now

MysticStrummer1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

You're assuming a more sim style is "better", which it isn't. It's a subjective thing. I used to buy both Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer back in the day, and have a blast with both.

Helloween131077d ago

man you are on crack, Forza comes no where near this good in gameplay and graphics

reallyNow1077d ago

As an insatiable GT fan, GT 1 and 2 are nowhere near Driveclub, so please get those off the list. GT3 was a TON of fun, so that MIGHT best Driveclub in the driving department. After that, just GT6. Forza is fun, but Driveclub bests Forza at its own pseudo-realism in the driving department. Horizon 1 was terrible. Haven't played 2 yet because 1 was so damn awful. F1 series and Asetto Corsa arent even the same kind of game, other than that they have cars in them. Driveclub is easily better as a racing game than all of the games on your list except maybe GT3, GT6, and POSSIBLY Forza 4. I agree with you about the graphics though, nothing really touches Driveclub yet.

Moldiver1077d ago

"Forza is fun, but Driveclub bests Forza at its own pseudo-realism in the driving department"

Such a BS comment...How do you come to that conclusion when forza has more realistic physics and car handling? Also the rest of your list was pure opinion. You may not have liked FH1 but the reviewers and gamers on X360 did.

"Driveclub is easily better as a racing game than all of the games on your list except maybe GT3, GT6, and POSSIBLY Forza 4."

Errr, no it isnt.Just stop dude. I dont see how you can even compare Forza ( A fully featured racer with more of everything plus that accurate handling model) with DC, a game with NFS like car handling that is considerably smaller than any forza game you care to mention. You cant even tune the cars or modify them. Its laughable you would even call that psuedo realism. Have you ever driven a car in real life. Because once you do, you will realise just how off DC is, in that department. DC has great graphics and effects. Thats it. The only people who try to pump up DC are PS fans. Also the fact that your whole post was pretty much a sideways swipe at forza, im inclined to just call you what you are..A PS fanboy.

Enjoy your replay feature.Enjoy your fantastic graphics. But keep forza out of your mouth, because you CLEARLY dont know what you are talking about.

Elit3Nick1077d ago

@MysticStrummer Well said, sims and arcade racers shouldn't be compared because they offer completely different experiences.

@Everyone else, especially reallyNow
You seriously need to stop worshipping every exclusive enough to be able to give criticism where it's due. Driveclub doesn't offer as realistic driving physics as FH2 because it's not trying to. FH2 has fully dynamic car physics, traction is based on how much your body rolls, how wide and thicks your tires are, how much camber they achieve under cornering, all of which is completely tunable. Driveclub isn't trying to achieve this, it should be compared to what is still one of the benchmarks of arcade racers, PGR4.

Driveclub is the first, and hopefully not last, of this new IP, therefore there is obviously room for improvement. AI needs to be tweaked, tracks need more variety(like tight city tracks a la PGR4), but the car selection if impressive, on par with PGR4's mix of popular and never before heard of cars, weather is the best in the business, and the addition of in race objectives is an amazing concept.

My point is don't try to label Driveclub as something it's not trying to be, and stop trying to defend every bit that needs work on, if the devs don't know what needs to change, then the sequels will have the same problems. PGR1 did some things right, some things wrong, and feedback eventually lead to the masterpiece that was PGR4, Driveclub 2 or higher can be this too if Evolution knows what it needs.

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Lamboomington1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Depends on which type of racing game people prefer. DCs racing is between sim and arcade, which, as an experience, is going to be boring to some people.

However, you said Driving game, and I kind of have to agree with you. I mean, I really can't argue with the INSANE quality I'm been seeing for a while with this. Not to mention that Evo deserves so much respect for it's post launch support. Hopefully pCars will do stuff like this too - new graphical and gameplay features in updates.
Even when you compare it to games of different types of racing, the quality really does stand out here.

Replays will be amazing in DC...

sorane1077d ago

You must only have experience with ps4 racers if you're gonna say that because there are many many many better racers than DC. The cheating rubberband ai alone disqualifies DC from being a good racer.

typittt691077d ago Show
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uth111077d ago

Can you select which cameras it uses for replay?

crazychris41241077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Hopefully you can get rid of the text that tells you which camera it is, montages are where replay will truly shine. Wish there was a free cam to get that perfect angle during replays.

Travis37081077d ago

This game looks so awesome! i'm buying it tomorrow!

mkis0071077d ago

Wow i actually want to buy a racing game this looks so good.

DJ1077d ago

it's amazing. buy it now

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