Life is Strange: Episode 2 is All About Consequences – Preview from PAX East 2015 | AOTF

Life is Strange tells the tale of Maxine, a typical teenage girl living out her high school days in a quiet town in Oregon. However, unlike other teenagers, Maxine can reverse time at will, giving her the ability to go back a few minutes and alter conversations or change some event. All of these choices made up the bulk of the gameplay found in Life is Strange: Episode 1, creating a surreal look at teenage life that captivated many gamers. At PAX East 2015 we got to take a look at the highly anticipated second installment in the five episode series, which looks to continue the story while raising the stakes significantly.

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DarkOcelet1166d ago

I hope this gets released soon. Episode one was a masterpiece. 9/10.. Its been a while since a game felt so damn fresh and that ost is a piece of art. I want that ost.

Kingdomcome2471166d ago

Agreed. I loved every second of it.