What was your first M-rated game?

GR:"In the olden days, your first time playing a game rated M for Mature was a big deal. Maybe it was the fact that, like getting your driver's permit or being able to vote, the power to buy a game deemed too bloody or scandalous for younger eyes felt like a true coming-of-age moment. Maybe your first M-rated game was like a secret hidden from your parents' prying eyes, or smuggled to you by a hip relative like clandestine tickets to an R-rated movie."

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DarkOcelet1072d ago

I believe i was 4 years old and it was either Contra which i dont know if it was mature and Mortal Kombat. Later on Resident Evil trilogy and Parasite Eve 2.

breakpad1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Resi Evil 1 (1996 version) ...passing from 16bit era to that was shocking

equal_youth1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Grand Theft Auto on PS1 and another game that featured bruce willis but i cant remember the name right now ^^

There was also Fighting Force and Goldeneye on N64.

DarkOcelet1072d ago

You mean Apocalypse. It was incredible. I finished it 3 times. Good times.

Blaze7181072d ago

I think it's die hard trilogy, that game was addictive lol

Dan501071d ago

Goldeneye was T rated.

equal_youth1072d ago

Yes i meant Apocalypse. The 90's where full of awesome games and great IPs :D
I wish they would resurrect more of them.

@Blaze718: I also played the heck out of it!

WESKER20151072d ago

thrill kill on playstation 1, i had the bootleg version because it never had a commercial release, it got banned

mixelon1072d ago

I have thrill kill too. :) fun game, haha.

I think it never exactly technically got banned as it was never fully finished, but the climate at the time and (iirc) a change of publisher made them think it would likely either be banned or require heavy cuts and tons of bad publicity so they gave up on it. :(

The engine etc was then repurposed for .. Which was also really violent but not as hilariously OTT.

The dwarf on stilts, haha. Someone needs to make a Thrill Kill HD remaster, it was so much dumb fun.

ashen1221072d ago

Conkers bad furday n64 I was like 6/7

Archmagel1072d ago

Lol, same here. I was about 10 and the biggest thing that tipped me off that I was playing a "big boy's game" was the bee and the sun flower. D'em boobies.

spicelicka1072d ago

Me too!! boy did i love all the blood and gore! my older cousins introduced it to me, then they tried hiding it from me because they realized it wasn't a good idea. And I would cry like a little bitch.

Hanuman1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

I worked my *ss off, paying for MK. Games and consoles were really pricey in EU back then. SNES games went for 100$ - 180$, and this was one of the pricier ones.

Worth every penny though!

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