6 Things You Should Have Before Playing Bloodborne

Twinfinite writes, "From Software’s Bloodborne is just 2 weeks away and you’re probably wondering — “How can I maximize my enjoyment of Bloodborne? What do I need?” Or maybe you weren’t thinking that at all and now you are! In any case, here’s a list of a few items that might just help you when you finally do play Bloodborne." (Satire)

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SpinalRemains1381222d ago

Another game to play when you rage quit?

Only a thin-skinned Mary would need that.


shodai1222d ago

She should get for othe games to play when she rage quits: Dark souls and demon souls.

GribbleGrunger1222d ago

Colostomy bag
Incontinence pads
spare controllers

ziggurcat1222d ago

+ someone to give you hugs (or would that fall under counselling?)

xabmol1222d ago

Definitely gonna need that extra controller.

Even if you strap it to your hands like the article suggests, there is always the possibility of smashing it into your face. Repeatedly.

SpinalRemains1381222d ago


Like the fat guy in 'Way of The Dragon' with the nunchucks?


Blackleg-sanji1222d ago

A soda drink hat
And poop resistance pants for boss fights

Moldiver1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

...dont forget pizza.

EDIT: @Blackleg-sanji

True. I have the urban camo pad, which has white, in it, now that you mention it. Lets add wet wipes too.

Blackleg-sanji1222d ago

Heck no need something less greasy(white controller)

RedSoakedSponge1222d ago

you missed off a Colostomy Bag. No one wants to be getting up to take a piss/shit when you cant pause lol.

GribbleGrunger1222d ago

That's what suspend/resume is for!

Tsubasa-Oozora1222d ago

suspend the urge/resume gaming

subtenko1222d ago

OH wow rly? If you hide in a corner will monsters come after u or find you possibly?