Valve Is Not Psyched They Got An 'F' In Customer Service

Not too long ago, I stumbled across a curious fact: Valve, maker of the world's biggest PC gaming service, was given an F by the Better Business Bureau. Other major gaming companies largely have A's. The culprit? Poor customer service.

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DarkOcelet948d ago

Ubi/Acti/EA got an A+???!!! WTF!

And Valve got an F?!

This is the worst trolling side i have ever seen.

Snookies12948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Well, to be fair... I've tried contacting Valve's customer service several times in the past. Every time I was disappointed with how long it took, and the end result. I absolutely love Steam, and have been with the service for like 9 years but they really need to get their act together with customer service.

Str8Chaos74948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Agreed, the F is well deserved IMO. I mean would it kill them to have some kind of phone support like every other company? It's not like they don't have the money.

I_Love_Gaming948d ago

Yeah man look how long it took for me to get a damn response for something so simple. It should not have taken OVER 2 weeks to RESET A DAMN PASSWORD

mikeslemonade948d ago

They deserve a F in everything for taking so long to bring out sequels and using the source engine for so damn long.

Also steam machines suck!

The only thing great is steam.

DragonKnight947d ago

There's also which has Steam listed as Terrible.


Read the comments.

TehDiTH947d ago

I agree completely with you. Valve's service is terrible but half the points the article makes is not their fault.
Games that are barely playable ( blame it on the developers not steam? )
Not being able to access their library games? ( stop cheating bro )
Refunds on CC not going through? ( Why would they give refunds on the first place? ) Do you get a refund when u return an opened physical copy?

But seriously Gaben spend some dollars on getting faster response times on your service.

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Emilio_Estevez948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

You must not have dealt w Valve then. All those companies can be reached quickly and will actually try to make things right if your making a valid complaint. The same can not be said for Valve on either account in my experience. I've contacted all 4 of those for 1 thing or another and the grades are about right imo. They are unrelated to how their games are.

If you complain to any of those companies they will at least try, except Valve.

Edit: BBB basically is there to measure if companies make an attempt to fix a complaint. The attempt is what matters most, not the resolution. I've worked with them at a previous job (we had a B+, and were a pretty terrible company)

Satyre28948d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble bro. Have you ever used Valve customer service? They truly are the worst i have ever dealt with, this is not an exaggeration it is horrible. It literally takes weeks to get a response, and they respond with such small detail that it takes even longer to finally get something done because you have to constantly go back and fourth. For a service that is so popular you would think Valve would put a little effort into customer care.

DarkOcelet948d ago

Millions of people use Valve, there are higher amount of people than all those three companies combined. I am pretty sure they answer many complaints, and f is pretty harsh.

But if people think they suck that much then hopefully they improve their customer service.

DragonKnight947d ago

"there are higher amount of people than all those three companies combined."

Lol, no.

-Foxtrot948d ago

I can't defend Valve but Ubisofts is bloody terrible

Remember when I sent my AC Unity Collectors edition back to them. I tried sending it back in November and didn't actually get my money back until the end of Jan.

I mean come on

rivencleft948d ago

I had an issue with AC Unity where for some reason in game it wouldn't let me start Sequence 8 part 2, tried deleting the game, deleted the game save, restarted the game and then got stuck in sequence 6 and it gave me the same issue, when I'd walk up to the mission start point nothing would pop up to start the mission. I contacted Ubi over the course of 3 months numerous times, most times without them responding and closing my case, but they sure as hell kept telling me, wait for the next update. Well the next update would come, still couldn't continue the story, would contact them again, and they'd tell me delete the game data, reinstall, etc. I repeated that for 3 months. They still would never do anything to assist me other than tell me to wait so I finally said screw it and sold the game. I have never had a game do that to me where I couldn't complete the story because it wouldn't let me start it. But with all the crap back and forth over those 3 months and how unhelpful they were and rude in most of our dealings I will not buy another Ubisoft game brand new, which sucks because I've bought every AC game, Far Cry, Rayman, etc. but their customer service is ass. Don't get me started on EA.

HaveAsandwich948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

the fact is, valve customer service has sucked since day one. Steam was some of the worst I had ever seen, back in the late 90's. You simply could not get help.

As far as BBB goes, it's nothing more than a business.

DOMination-948d ago

Steam wasn't around in the 90s.. it came with hl2 in 2004.. (apologies if i misunderstood your point)

sephsplace947d ago

Steam was released in 2002, 2 and a half years before hl2 (I was an early adopter, but I do miss WON servers)

WeAreLegion948d ago

Origin's customer service is excellent for some reason. They have a good team over there.

HammadTheBeast948d ago

And they have the money to back it up. I didn't receive the DL code for Back to Karkand on BF3 Limited Edition and they hooked me up with the full premium pass. You can say a lot about their other business practices, but they definitely have customer support locked down.

mopground948d ago

i love the new policy of enabling you to return your purchase within 24 hours

Christopher948d ago

Look at EA's BBB page. They respond to every single complaint and tend to handle them in a way that is beneficial to the one who made the complaint.

EA gets a ton of crap about their business deals, but their customer service as far as it concerns BBB is top notch.

Elwenil947d ago

EA cheats on their BBB complaints. They take the discussion outside the BBB complaint, which defeats the purpose of using the BBB as a mediator. Then, when you are still not satisfied, they tell the BBB that they contacted you and tried to resolve it and it was not accepted and BBB gives them a pass. Nevermind that that EA only wants to handle everything like it's a warranty claim and only wants to refund or replace if there is a defect. I'd say anyone with common sense would say BF4 was defective upon release but EA didn't see it that way and so the BBB lets them slide for some reason. EA are rip-off artists, plain and simple.

Christopher947d ago

***Then, when you are still not satisfied, they tell the BBB that they contacted you and tried to resolve it and it was not accepted and BBB gives them a pass***

False. Look at most of the complaints. The person making the complaint says that it was taken care of to their satisfaction, not EA.

garrettbobbyferguson948d ago

Valve's customer service is notoriously bad. To the point where people are happy to get a response to their queries within two weeks at times.

Supposedly it's because of the way the company works; where certain departments may not be filled due to employees not wanting to work there.

Dagobert948d ago

Actually their customer support is pretty bad. I remember buying Eve Online on steam and learned that it's tied to your steam account or something like that which a lot of people complained. Then I tried to get a refund and their customer support was being a complete ejaculating dick about it.

SnakeCQC948d ago

Valve really don't respond to customers and their cs are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo shit.

maddskull947d ago

actually that is true because other game companies have very good customer support unlike valve

64commando947d ago

Just because EA/Ubi/Acti rush out their games and care more about sales than quality it doesn't mean they have poor customer service. And just because PC players idolize Valve and Valve makes a great game every few years it doesnt mean they have great customer service. Stop being a 12 year old

Joda947d ago

i had 6 games i bought on their summer deal in 2013 that didn't work out of 10 purchases. I called to complaign, and they said to refer to their terms of service. The hell with valve and that fat blob.

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Emilio_Estevez948d ago

They're gonna have a BBB complaint from me pretty soon. A week in between non-helpful answers from someone who clearly doesn't have a clue is completely unacceptable. Especially when it's a back and forth, and every answer takes a week to get. No other way to contact them, it's pretty insane this day and age.

I've dealt with a lot of poor customer service over the years, but at least I didn't wait a week for each response that wasn't helpful.

Duke19948d ago

That sounds pretty terrible. Just curious - what issue is it you're having with valve that has taken so long to resolve?

Emilio_Estevez948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

I just didn't get an item, this one -

Gave a F2P user a premium gift and I never got the speks. All the answers I get from them so far are basically generic replies to people who got trade scammed. It's pretty infuriating.

Oh and the gift costs $5, I just wanted the speks and to be helpful to a noob (he was very grateful)

Duke19948d ago

@above - ah gotcha. Yeah that sucks, seems like a pretty easy fix too. Hope you get it worked out

badjournalism948d ago

The BBB is a scam. Any company can get an A+ if they pay fees and play the BBB's game. They are not an authoritative body and have zero legal power and zero integrity. This has been known for YEARS.

X-Ender-XI948d ago

When you are getting games that cheap you can't expect the world.

Stiffler948d ago

If you're paying for any digital service, you deserve live chat support or at least a call line (Valve have neither), doesn't matter if the games you're buying are 'discounted', that's irrelevant because it's a business. Business ethics comes to mind...

Creating a private forum 'ticket' for a mod that may or may not have an answer for you after a week is just unacceptable.

Valve should not be psyched about this, they should suck it up, adapt and give us better customer support. No ifs or buts about it.

X-Ender-XI948d ago

Surely you haven't had that many bad experiences with them.

9 years and I've never had a problem.

Stiffler948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Indeed I haven't had many experiences with Valve customer support. Only about 4-5 different occasions for the 8 years of steam gaming. Still pretty darn horrid when it comes to it though, big turn off.

Timesplitter14948d ago

Gabe must support the entire world on his muscular shoulders. Give him a break

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