5 Mistakes We All Made As Young Pokémon Trainers

You were young and Pokémon was fresh on the scene... but we all made mistakes when we were younger, and our Pokémon games weren't exempt!

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jambola1223d ago

I can safely say that even as a child under the age of 10 i never wasted a master ball on a useless pokemon or let a legendary faint without saving before. but i had older brothers so that could be my reason

Snookies121223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Yeah, I was the same way. Always saving and being extra careful with stuff on Pokemon back when I was around 10. Then again, I had an older brother as well... So, maybe that is a thing, lol.

FullmetalRoyale1223d ago

I am an older brother, and I made many mistakes. Lol

You must pass on the knowledge to the next generation. ;)

Yi-Long1223d ago

I really wish one day we will get an actual big gorgeous WiiU Pokemon adventure.

GokuSolosAll1223d ago

My biggest mistakes were using cool instead of strong Pokemon, poorly training them, and using bad tactics. That's kids for ya. Later I learned how to play competitively and scoffed at my boxes of old crap Pokemon.

I wish we could get a Pokemon Stadium 3...or even Stadium 1 & 2 Virtual Console releases...

Bahamut-Shin1223d ago

sorry but the first one is a joke, almost everone picked Charmander and the first 2 gyms were rock and water, bulbasaur type is better for the first 3 gyms.

hkgamer1223d ago

i picked squirtle first, most of my early pokemon knowledge was from watching the anime or gaming magazines, never used gamefaqs until i actually completed the games. loved squirtle because of the squirtle gang from the anime.

after a few hours in i noticed that catching starter pokemons was impossible so i started again and kept reseting game to trade starter pokemons. pokemon wasnt that hard, only hard part was safari park or team rocket building(?) where you went on them sliding pads.

LightDiego1223d ago

It's a long way to be a Poké Master.

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The story is too old to be commented.