Microsoft: HoloLens Doesn't 'lock out' Xbox VR

VRFocus - Ever since Microsoft revealed its HoloLens augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) earlier in 2015, many have assumed that this was the company's answer to virtual reality (VR) HMDs such as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. In fact, the company even went as far as to invite Oculus VR to work with it on HoloLens at its announcement. However, Microsoft's work with HoloLens doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be working on Xbox VR, perhaps for its Xbox One console.

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tinynuggins1080d ago

I hope they don't make their own. I would rather they partner with Oculus for VR and do their own thing with Hololens.

iamnsuperman1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

For a company like Microsoft, making their own is the only logical way forward. Partnership with Oculus would never happen since it would require Microsoft to leave the VR capabilities up to someone else. Microsoft is too big to do that

breakpad1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

i think they will partner with Occulus the best logical approach (especially if they invited them to check HoloLens) they are both american companies and there are many VR (wiht strong RD teams behind them) in development for MS to compete

VenomUK1079d ago

I genuinely think a future iteration of HoloLens could be successful especially with education and business. However right now, the market of manufacturers and software developers are working on VR for leisure (games). This includes Oculus, Valve and Sony and the many companies producing games. The benefit is that VR research can be swapped from one platform to another. So if a developer gets VR game Adrift working on Morpheus then it can easily be converted to Oculus. This means VR has a real chance to grow to become a profitable sub-industry.

However HoloLens AR is different and requires different research so it is effectively carving it's own niche in the industry. I'd love to see Xbox One get in on the VR action but Microsoft would confuse the public if they release HoloLens and a VR headset. Phil Spencer knows there is merit to VR and is perhaps lining up a product for the next Xbox...

blackout1079d ago

With the strong in house work on Surface and now the purchase of Nokia I don't think Microsoft will be outsourcings anything is. On another note isn't Microsoft a major investor in Facebook. Just a thought but anything is possible in this day In age.

Charybdis1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

With windows 10 stuff etc I can see Microsoft supporting different VR devices on the different windows 10 devices including the xbox one. I assume that windows 10 will support multiple VR devices, which might eventually translate into support for the xbox one (also being part of the same ecosystem).
There could be some interesting partnership possibilities for VR display ond the xbox 1. Meanwhile I do hope they will keep doing their own thing with their hololens.

ShottyatLaw1079d ago

I would like the idea of a piece of hardware like Oculus being Windows compatible across my PC and my Xbox.

lemoncake1079d ago

I think we will see them partner with oculus, microsoft are all about trying to create one ecosystem atm.

BallsEye1079d ago

I rather want hololens for XO. Not only because it's way more advanced tech, but because it's a computer on it's own. A lot of people forget VR needs TONS and TONS of processing power to work. You need basically 60 (best 120)fps game n 1080p running TWICE in the same time. Now consoles struggle to pull of good graphics in 1080p/30 so don't expect a good looking VR game on consoles. Hololens however will actually boost XO, as it's a separate computer running on win10, not a peripheral like VR.

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Septic1080d ago

I think they should focus on HoloLens instead of scattering their focus on AR.

christocolus1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

I have always assumed that MS would announce their own VR tech.its been rumored for a while now that MS has been working on other input devices for Xbox.i remember one of the oculus guys also saying MS was one of the companies interested in buying out the tech but they went with Facebook instead.

If MS wasn't interested in VR then why would they make a bid for Oculus?i'm guessing they've been working on theirs or maybe partnered with another company to create a standard VR device capable of working with Kinect2 and maybe Hololens (a partnership similar to what valve and htc are doing with vive).My guess?we will see an announcement at E3..

DigitalRaptor1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

"why would they make a bid for Oculus?"

Because their primary competitor in the console space has an almost consumer-ready VR headset that has been many years in the making, and they have nothing to compare. An idea like HoloLens is something they were probably always going to do regardless of gaming, after Google prototyped their Glass technology. It's something that is more applicable to areas outside gaming than within since gaming is a fraction of their operating structure. VR, it's obvious they won't be doing until Project Morpheus has been their case study.

Bigpappy1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

From my recollection, I believe I have read some one from M$ stating that M$ have put years of research into VR and had several prototypes. If am not mistake, that person was Phil Spencer.

raymantalk11079d ago

ill just point out to you bigpappy sony was working on VR long before MS came to the gaming market not knocking MS but stating a fact i know you dont like anything sony but this is a truth you cannot deny but i am sure you gonna try :)

bleedsoe9mm1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

or not bother with either and make great exclusives i can play on my tv . i've got a bad feeling ms and sony's E3 are going to be VR heavy .

UnHoly_One1080d ago

Don't waste your time, Microsoft, VR is going to flop.


Stiffler1080d ago

I believe MS is partly thinking this and that's why they're almost keeping a step back from the VR crowd and seeing what happens.

Could be wrong but it seems like that's what's happening with them atm.

gangsta_red1080d ago

I think this is actually the case. Not that VR is going to flop hard, but to actually see if VR is going to be an actual success.

There seems to be a buzz about it, but that buzz seems as artificial as the buzz and push for 3D these media billion dollar corporations marketed to the consumer.

Stiffler1080d ago

My thoughts exactly red. Interesting

Concertoine1079d ago

How many people are willing to pay 200 for a peripheral with limited use? Maybe some on this site, but in real life, no way.

annoyedgamer1080d ago

They have been talking about VR since the 80s, it has never materialized because the concept works only in the imagination. In real life it is impractical.

Moldiver1080d ago

The thing is, VR headsets will cost almost as much as a console. I dont see the adoption rate being very high on any platform that is not the PC. And even on PC Its difficult to say how successful it will be. I dont hear any non gamers talking about VR, and the ones I know would not been seen dead with one. Its an uber-nerd gadget in there eyes. May aswell be the old nintendo powerglove.

Im on the fence about whether I will buy one personally. I still need to know more about these side effects from por longed use. I know gamers that spend up to 6-8 hours playing. Dread to think what would happen to them if they got their hands on VR headsets.....

UnHoly_One1079d ago

I'm one of those gamers that will play for long stretches.

I have absolutely zero desire to get a VR headset.

Wearing my TV on my face adds absolutely zero value to the experience for me. I just don't see the appeal of it, especially once you weigh all the negatives.

Moldiver1079d ago

"especially once you weigh all the negatives"

^^Especially this. I guarantee you when these headsets are out in the wild we will hear of a few horror stories.

Bigpappy1079d ago

I am scared as an MF about the side effects of VR or anything screwing with my eye and perception.

I will wait a year or two before I even consider more than a few minutes of VR. Once they come up with a standard that works, the should have it independently studied for long term effects before using gamers as test animals.

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krypt19831080d ago

They should keep there focus on hololens and not worry about vr it is going to be niche just like 3d tvs and go away for gaming atleast, there is will be small indie titles that are like a hour long but you wont see call of duty and AAA games, vr will better suit other applications besides gaming and the entry fee will be outrageous..

iamnsuperman1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

If you think Microsoft should not bother with VR because of it being niche then I can't image how you think a focus on hololens is a better route. AR is far more niche than VR. If they are going to do one or the other VR is a better route

bleedsoe9mm1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

ms is all about keeping their thumbs in every pie in case the world heads that way they don't have to start from scratch . i don't think the industry knows what VR or AR games/experiences are going to look like , throw crap at the wall and follow the money .

LexHazard791079d ago

Lol...dont make me laugh dude. AR has better usage for real world applications. Go watch the concept video again....the one with the plumber showing a customer how to fix plumbing issue. You cant do that with VR...Hololens has the potential to be a game changer. MS is thinking more than just games with Hololens. Anyway..I hope VR does well...MS will have Hololens and a VR headset....

iamnsuperman1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )


You might want to think about the practical side of wearing a headset all day. For the business side employees are going to hate it. Wearing a big visor not only looks ridiculous but also far less comfortable that sitting in front of a far cheaper monitor. Employers are not going to waste the money on something that a monitor can do. Employees won't want to wear something all day. This is a problem that effect the consumer side of things. People don't want to wear stuff on their face to see an AR view of the world (look at Google Glass)

Then the gaming side. AR requires space because it overlays on your living room. It will have the same problem kinect had. You need space and uninterupted space. AR has never sold to the public well. Look at Google Glass. What it did was impressive and it isn't far off what Microsoft is offering

If you think AR is popular then you are going to be shocked when it doesn't sell. AR is more like 3D than VR (and VR is fairly niche itself)

nickster1079d ago

Go ahead MS and copy Sony, it's ok.

LexHazard791079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Did Sony invent VR? They weren't even the first console makers to dable with VR. Did you forget SEGA and Nintendo back in the days. Who's copying who? Let me guess Sony has Morpheus blueprints from early 90s...LoL..

Btw- We'll see whos copying who if Hololens does well.

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