SMITE Gods free for Xbox One Alpha Testers 3/13 - 3/15

Play as any of the deities this weekend Friday through Sunday. Over the next 3 days all current gods will be available to play for our Xbox One Alpha Testers! Hi-Rez studios has given 4 Guys with Quarters 7 SMITE Alpha codes to give away. You can always watch 4 Guys with Quarters tonight at 7 PM EST on Twitch at your chance for a code.

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ScorpiusX1221d ago

Have downloaded but have yet to play, to nite I shall smite.

t-hall7851221d ago

Lol me too. Ori was just too good. But im done with that and smite it is

MeteorPanda1221d ago

Question; does anyone know if microsoft has stopped that not cross platform play module? Is smite going to have xbox players playing with pc or they separated?

WCxAlchemist1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Got my code from being preview Mem. Smite is thee best game on any console period..there are roughly 63 gods mixing from Roman,Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Chinese, Egytian, Norse and other gods from other cultures to be added later.

ic3fir31221d ago

I have been playing the alpha, and believe me, this is very good in the xbox, I think I'll play more this, than Halo 5 this year, and I love Halo multiplayer more than any game.
SMite will be a huge success in the xbox i think =D

WCxAlchemist1220d ago

Yeah i believe it will be huge on Xbox. Really fun gameplay a mixture of stratergy, action adventure, rpg really works. Like to add each God like Zeus, Thor each have 6 different skins all of which are the best skins ive seen in games EVER

LAWSON721220d ago

Played a little over the week and for an alpha it is solid, not only that but if the F2P model is the same in the actual release it is awesome.

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