GTA Online Heists: 5 things that need to change

They’ve barely been out for a week, but the Heists already need a tweak.

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Immorals1102d ago

Tone down the 5th heist. Setups too!

WizzroSupreme1102d ago

What needs to change is adding in a 32 v 32 mode like Battlefield 4.

obelix991102d ago

The option to play a Heist solo , so you know exactly whats expected. Its difficult sometimes to know what to do when everyone is talking or someone is deliberately messing things up.

bloop1102d ago

They really need to keep all the players in the same session. I have yet to actually finish a heist because everyone gets separated after the setup missions which is just ridiculous. So far I've only played some of the setup missions because of that. If you start a heist it should just go through the whole thing without separating the players. Doesn't make any sense.

dreamed1101d ago

Thats rockstar for you,everything about the way gtao works is just terrble imo.

Example having to w8 for stupid random phone call to be able to play coop mission,now this with heists.

Tbh i knew i would be sat here thinking why the hell have they done that,seems gta devs dont want you to just be able to pick up n play.

You probably spend more time in load screens and disconnections than playing the bug ridden game,which is why i havent played it for almost a year.

I was waiting to see what heist were like b4 deleting it from hdd......looks like i'm gonna have 60gb free space very soon.

What a let down gtao has been.

MysticStrummer1102d ago

Wow that was fast. I haven't even tried a heist yet and there are already lists of complaints.

Concertoine1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Ive only completed 3 heists to date after 8 hours of trying to. I either cant connect, someone on the team is a moron, or someone leaves/disconnects. You need to have 4 people who know what theyre doing, period.

MysticStrummer1102d ago

Yeah that's sort of the feel I've been getting from reading about heists and watching streams. I don't know too many people that play the game in the first place so I'm dreading the random factor.

Tsubasa-Oozora1102d ago

Can you believe I was in line at midnight for day 1 release?
I haven't played this game in months...

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