Why This Guy is Sticking to Review Scores

Review scores are something that cause a lot of debate. They also spawn a lot of opinions about the reviewer... Which is why Jason from PlayerEssence will be sticking with them!


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Themba761223d ago

while well based on that just buy cod every year then that game has never got below an 8 ever and it's the same freaking game for 10 years smh

Man_Marmalade1223d ago

When a game gets a 6 or 7, I think it's mostly because it doesn't have a lot of replay value. I've gotten and played some pretty good 6 and 7 games before. It's just that people don't want to try things out that they think "sucks."
CoD doesn't change up their formula that much which is why they keep getting scores like 8 and 9, and because of the online replayability. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

ltachiUchiha1223d ago

Yeah but then why do reviewers give a game like God of War Ascension low scores saying "Feels The Same" "Nothing Innovative" & give it a bad review yet they keep it the way fans love the game mechanics because its not broken but every COD game feels the same and get good reviews. That tells me how BS the review system is now. Lets be honest, reviewers are alot harsher on Exclusives then they are multiplatforms especially playstation exclusives. Even games like The Last of Us had a few reviews that gave it a 5 or 6 out of 10. Its obvious this isnt even a legit review but more of a click & bait review to cause a stir for hits. This is a reason I dont trust reviews anymore. If I see a game that has me interested, i'll buy it & if im not too sure or it will be worth it, i'll rent it & try it out & if I like it i'll go out and buy it.

Man_Marmalade1222d ago

That's why I play the game and enjoy it regardless of another person's opinion.

3-4-51222d ago

* In a Race, if both appear to cross the finish line at the same time, do they both win?


Why ?

Because you just use a more accurate and detailed measurement to get a more accurate result.

* If both cross finish line at 10, you go to the next closest measurement.

So we then.....after checking FACTS, come to the conclusion that Racer A = 10.2 seconds & Racer be finished with a time of 10.3 seconds.

So in reality.....based on FACTS, Racer A wins because he ACTUALLY finished first.

Size is relative and anything can be measured more accurately if you actually put in the time, effort & intelligence to do so.

* If a two games get 8/10, they obviously both aren't at the same level, yet said Reviewer/site is saying they are.

* I want more accurate.

So the more numbers....the more options...the more accurate.

Two games = 8/10

Two games more realistically = A.) 8.5 B.) 8.8

One is OBVIOUSLY a slight step above the other in almost every category, but not by a ton.

It still needs to be recognized as such.

* You don't have to only buy 8.0/10 games and above though.

* You still have the choice to buy a 6/10 game and you may even enjoy it.

paddy951223d ago

Eurogamer still use a score system. Recommended, Essential or Avoid (1 - 3 system). They just made there review system worse.

BillytheBarbarian1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Review scores aren't going anywhere. Fanboys feed off them for bragging rights and flame wars. 80% of gamers on game sites are fanboys. Casual gamers that play madden and call of duty every year don't give a crap if it's on Sony or Xbox. It's like watching a DVD on a DVD one really cares what brand of DVD player you're using. Unless some kids actually go there.

Anyway, Play Magazine tried getting rid of review scores people stopped buying the mag. Websites actually went down to zero traffic when they stopped review scores. TL;DR right? How dare people actually read a full review. Fanboys don't read for actual game play details. They only look for positive things that cater to the side they chose to be on. Be it mostly negative quotes on competing hardware.

We as gamers asked for it. Before Sega Genesis versus SNES magazines used to read like catalogs. Trying to sell you on games. Readers demanded comparisons to be made. It's natural and fun to debate which version of Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 2 is best. Now it's gotten so nitpicky gamers are talking frame rates, polygon counts, and resolutions.

Outthink_The_Room1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Bravo sir. Totally agree.

I've never understood the point in NOT owning all the platforms...if you have the money. I see people talking about having more money and intentionally refusing to buy a certain console.

There is nothing to be proud about when you're limiting the amount of games you can play. How do you not want more of your favorite hobby? It's like someone who's a basketball fan and refuses to watch games because all the games aren't on ESPN. Makes no sense.

Financially I understand that not everyone can afford everything and we aren't all made of money. But to literally not buy games you could purchase is the dumbest thing I see in the gaming world.

I can't imagine a time where I'd be bragging that I have access to less games than other people.

yewles11223d ago


Are we REALLY treating the position to keep review scores as a bold move? XD

ZainreFang1222d ago

Hey, this is a weird time after all. There was a crazy earthshaking reaction when PS4 was announced to play used games.

ZyroXZ21222d ago

You'd think the things I'm saying would be a given, and yet we look at the state of gaming sites and forums as well as me being asked/suggested to remove review scores, and it seems someone had to say they're not a bad thing! Haha xD

Realplaya1223d ago

IMO I think if a site is going to review games they need to make developer, publishers and consumers aware of there point system. A good example would be.

Short game by today's standards -1
Buggy game -1
No replay value -1
Bad Frame rate -1

Explain that these reasons will get your game negative points.
That way no one can complain because if they ship a game knowing these problems exist they no they will be scored badly based off of that.

ninsigma1223d ago

Yeah that's a good idea actually. If every site showed how they break down their scores then it will avoid situations where scores are taken from one but not another for doing
the same thing.

Omnisonne1223d ago

It would be interesting to have like an universal list of criteria for all reviewers to base their reviews on if they are willing. And are to mention that the review (score) is based on that list

On one side this will take care of most bias and unfair comparisons or expectations

On the other side.. it could take a sense of personal opinion away, which you sometimes need to judge wether a game ''feels'' right, and not sterile or uninspired

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