DICE deliberately left an exploit in Final Stand to catch cheaters

DICE left an exploit in Battlefield 4 Final Stand in order to catch cheaters -- and they caught a lot of them.

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ZombieKiller1199d ago

That is a really dumb way to catch cheaters. Are you sure that was the reason or was it the excuse given?

Septic1199d ago

Depends on the way this exploit works. If it requires some third party cheating tool then fair enough.

If not however, then it's B.S because they're essentially enabling cheaters.

UnHoly_One1199d ago

That's like saying the cops shouldn't be able to do an undercover sting and arrest somebody.

It doesn't matter how the "crime" took place, it only matters that the "criminal was willing to do it.

Cheating is Cheating. If you take the bait, you deserve to be punished.

spektical1199d ago


no way is this the same. Not even close. Putting these two things at the same level is a lame attempt at condoning the exploiters.

The players that exploited the game should not be punished, because DICE decided not to patch it immediately. This is like banning players because some of the walls were glitched in back to karkland and using as a solid defense avoiding tons of damage overlooking the main roads in rush.

Getting around the codebase, somehow gaining access to the server, using third party tools, etc, now thats cheating. A real world example would be to introduce policies to close tax loopholes. You dont criminalize people who are playing within the rules with their unintended shortfalls.

theindiearmy1199d ago

Says right in the article that it was put in to monitor players who use a certain tool.

Tsubasa-Oozora1199d ago

@Unholy One

You are so wrong on the "willing" part.

So many guys were set free during trial because the undercover agent specifically told them to go and get drugs for them. What was their defense? If they never told me to do the crime I would've never did it! And the judge lets them go. I don't condone drug dealing, by the way.

I'm with septic on this one. In the article it does say they need some "tools" to exploit the hack. How long is the ban for anyway?

BattleTorn1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

@unHoly, and above

look up, the Mr Big Sting

Courts disregard it now, I believe.

Septic1199d ago

Yeah its called entrapment and its unlawful.

AliTheSnake11199d ago

This is like when the teacher makes a mistake, and the students point it out, then she says she was just testing them.

Sono4211199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

@Unholy one,

Its nothing like an undercover sting.... at all... that analogy couldn't be any more wrong. A more accurate analogy is trying to catch a murderer by giving him a gun... I think we can all agree that's idiotic.

To put it into simple terms to prevent and mindless arguing Dice gave cheeters an exploit to exploit.. yeah real smart... as soon as it gets uploaded to youtube of course many people will do it just out of curiosity it's simple human nature. This is dumb.


Well if this can only be done by modding the game then sure... fine... but if it's a glitch.. just a fault in the game by doing certain inputs just plain wrong.. especially if they take out the ban hammer.

wannabe gamer1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

it clearly says in the article "This was done on purpose so that the developer could monitor cheaters who used certain tools to get ahead."

keyword being used certain tools. as in they had to use some sort of 3rd party cheat to make use of this exploit.

you cant just ban people for using a ingame glitch ALL the time. some glitchs are so easy to trigger on accident that you may not even be trying to cheat to fall into it.
in that game WarZ/infestation they tried this and it failed miserably they placed items/loot in places that they said only cheaters could get to. but this was wrong cause you could get to these items without cheats but by just jumping around enough and climb to some items.
that kind of anticheat is the most amateur thing you could ever do and just shows you dont know wtf you are doing in general. DICE has been around way too long to rely on such BS.
also just cause they say exploit or glitch doesnt mean its going to be some glaring thing players see in game so obviously. an exploit could just mean they left a hole in their code for hackers that make these tools to exploit and make said tool work.
kind of like if there was some tool you could use to open peoles garages easily if they left it on a certain frequency. the garage door manufactures may know this and block it out but the cops could set it up so someone could use said tool to open doors on this common frequency.

the undercover sting comparison is lame cause if you are just watching for a crime to be committed is totally different than influencing a crime yourself and asking someone to get and bring u something illegal. thats creating a crime that may not have been done otherwise. watching for a crime you will see happen whether you are there or not is different.

also hardware bans are a joke. all they are is bans based on your MAC address..which can be changed pretty easily.

hiredhelp1199d ago

As long as there doing something to help catch the cheaters.
I made countless posts on fourums and each time get told are your [email protected] ect ect.
Ive played the game hardly see any cheaters thus dating back to bf3 days even.
Now DICE Admits they got big job on there hands there many out there.
What really pisses me off is that these cheaters actually pay subscription to use these tools to cheat.

Infinity_Rasta1199d ago

@Unholy one, god damn you are screwed up kid, "it' doesn't matter as long as the criminal was willing to do it" are you freaking retard? it do not get more pathetic, then police work where they park a car in poor neighborhood just to give some guy with a hard life an even harder life, even leaving it unlocked with things that is, only meant to attract more people to thief it. delusional kids on this site, but what ever be happy with your police/military state, that kill 6 year old in front of their grandma, have 6 police officers shoot 1 homeless guy, or have 4 cops arrest 20 Africans for simply making a music video while being black.
if you place the bait, while making sure they have no other alternatives/food sources, then you ain't catching criminals, you making them your self out of normal people now.
please educate yourself instead of having I.Qs under 80.

Utalkin2me1199d ago


You really do not need to tell anyone to educate themselves. After that hot mess of your's i just read. It was like a 5th grader had written that.

ziggurcat1199d ago


"Yeah its called entrapment and its unlawful."

in order for it to be entrapment, the devs would have to inform people of the exploit, invite them to take advantage of it, and then nail them for taking the bait.

so, no, it's no entrapment at all if they left the bug in there on purpose, and people discovered it on their own.

ZombieKiller1198d ago

Yeah I've heard this glitch dates back to BF3. I am not entirely sure but if that is the case, then it's just poor development with a slick cover-up (which is what I initially meant). I feel like there have been too many complaints about these games from their fans to believe it was "purposely" done, ya know?

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WellyUK1199d ago

shouldn't be using them in the first place... They get what they deserve.

Drithe1199d ago

Sounds like to me another excuse on why DICE products suck ass.

sovietsoldier1199d ago

about time but too late also. should have known about it since bf3 because its been going on since then.

wannabe gamer1199d ago

lol they dont use the same hacks all the time. they change often. they have been banning cheats since the first BF game. its no different than virus and antivirus. AV blocks a virus and the virus maker change it a little bit to avoid detection or make a whole new virus. hacks work the same basically as far as detection goes.

Sgt_Slaughter1199d ago

Any glitch/exploit that can be done without the use of third-party tools/assists, shouldn't mean a player gets labeled as a cheater and banned... unless I'm thinking of a different kind of exploit and they have it set up differently.

wannabe gamer1199d ago

it says in the article that tools are required. do people even read the articles anymore. H4G- Headlines for Gamers

Sgt_Slaughter1199d ago

I read through it and honestly didn't see that part. I'm so used to normal campaign glitches I assumed it was like that.

Spudinator2171199d ago

Off subject but I thought of a new mode for Battlefield where everyone is a medic, thought it would be cool?

Spartacus101199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Is this hack on all platforms?
I was thinking about getting the game.

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