Metacritical – Review Scores and Aggregates Still Have a Place in Criticism

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Metacritic is weird. Other review aggregation sites are weird too, but for the purposes of ease, just assume that when I say “Metacritic”, I’m casting a net over all the big names in the field: Rotten Tomatoes, Gamerankings etc. Metacritic is the most frequently lambasted of these sites though, at least in the games industry/gaming culture, and there are plenty of reasons as for why. Aggregating reviews muddies the already murky waters of art criticism – when all’s said and done, a 55 or a 72% tells us very little about a game’s place in our society and culture, and it goes without saying that one person’s 1/10 might be another’s 10/10. Games are art, and art operates well outside the realms of the numerical and statistical. How does one assign an arbitrary number to a work of art’s ability to make us cry, laugh or scream? I would argue that Metacritic is weird, but only because review scores are pretty weird too."

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ShugaCane1039d ago

Scores should be banned. I know people like them, because they want a number or a grade to refer to. It pleases them, it reassures them.

But a review is purely subjective, it's not like a school exam based on predetermined answers. You cannot "rate" a piece of art. The only thing you can do is give your opinion. And that could/should go without a number attached to it.

My opinion.