Electronic Arts Confirmed For Star Wars Celebration; Battlefront Gameplay Trailer Expected

Electronic Arts is now officially confirmed to be making an appearance at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California on April 16th-19th. It is highly likely we'll be seeing Star Wars Battlefront make some sort of a special appearance.

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ZombieKiller1198d ago

Good! I need to see footage of this game. Star Wars belongs in the video game world almost more than it does in movies nowadays with what these consoles can do!

SpaceRanger1198d ago

I 100% agree! I have been ready for this game since battlefront 2 came out! I'm really looking forward to see what it's become so far, as I'm sure many are.

If this game comes out during the holidays (November) before the movie to hype it up (similar to how they did it with Lego Star Wars before the 3rd movie) I can see it stealing A LOT of attention from many of the other well known FPS/TPS and shaking up expected sales of other games just due to the huge fan base of Star Wars on console to PC. The movie itself is already for sure to do that to other competing movies around the date of release. It'll definitely be a major contender if out this year, there's really no denying that.