PlayStation + and PSN Gift Cards cheap deals guide

Dealspwn writes: Welcome dear reader. Here you'll find all the cheapest prices for PlayStation + subscriptions or PSN wallet top-ups. We've put together an extensive guide on the various PlayStation Plus subscription options available and what you get for your money. Options for PSN Wallet gift cards will also be discussed. For our American readers or anyone wanting to take advantage of the USA PSN deals, we'll also include links to US credit. Importantly, we will regularly update this page with the latest deals, making this your number one location for the cheapest deals for PlayStation + subscriptions or PSN wallet gift cards. Alternatively, find out how to top up your Xbox Live account for less. Feel free to leave a comment if you find a tasty deal of your own.

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Captain_Wormy1164d ago

Oh come on! Really? I bought a 50$ PSN card last night and they come with this the next day...I could've saved a few bucks. :/

superchiller1164d ago

Don't feel bad, "" is a shady website that you shouldn't be dealing with anyway, it has tons of negative reviews, sells region-restricted keys, and probably sells stolen keys or keys bought with stolen CCs. Here's a review on Resellerratings:


A lot of the "dealspwn" deals are junk, better to just avoid reading anything on that website.

bggriffiths1163d ago

Those reviews read like they never checked the region info. Just because stuff is foreign doesn't mean it's sketchy. Seems clear enough to me.

kurruptor1164d ago

So, a $50 US card is listed as $62.99 retail with a 14% discount to $53.42?

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Yahdaree1164d ago

What am I missing here?

bggriffiths1163d ago

The better price is for UK buyers paying in GBP. Yeah, it's a rip off for US residents.

Nanux1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago ) :) there are other regions too

Alduin1163d ago

These clearly aren't great deals if you live in the US.