Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition - Launch Trailer

Launch Trailer of Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition.

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reallyNow1040d ago

does this game have a story or is it like little missions like a mobile game? I've never tried it because the third person perspective is kind of a turn off.

Monolith1039d ago

Long missions and story. Great game. Also recommend sniper elite v2 and recently released zombie army trilogy.

just_looken1039d ago

zombie army is only available in europe though

reallyNow1037d ago

thanks guys, maybe ill pick it up since i got this gift card.. zombie army vs. sniper elite, which one?

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InMyOpinion1039d ago

Very long and rewarding missions. At the later stages alarming the enemies and having to run away and then back again becomes somewhat tedious, but overall it's a great game worth checking out.

Hazmat131039d ago

terry elite (john sniper) says "Aim for the balls"
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