GTA Online update 1.08 (1.22 for old gen) is online and is approximately 250mb

Rockstar published today a new update for GTA V. It's Title Update 1.22 (PS3/Xbox 360) and 1.08 (PS4/Xbox One) and it improves GTA Online stability (maybe some Heists fixes), and other minor fixes. It's 250mb on PS4. It's online on PlayStation and it's arriving soon on Xbox.

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Yukonsbud1198d ago

Nice on X1 I was constantly getting kicked offline since the heist update. Ill Have to try this out when I get home from work.

nagalaga311198d ago

Well this update patched the rebel car glitch, so fuck it I hate it.

ZombieKiller1198d ago

Play the game the way it's supposed to and you won't have this issue. Thanks for helping delay the heists with your glitching.

Donnywho1198d ago

Why do I feel like I'm going to sign on, download the update and then be tortured in the GTA clouds for 15 minutes at a time as I'm kicked in and out of each individual infrastructure of the online game?

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