Lego Hobbit only £14.99 on PS4 - Worth it for the dubstep cheat alone

Dealspwn writes: Seen our dubstep Hobbit video yet? Tell me you don't want some of that. Dancing Lego Gollum? Anyways, fancy reliving the Hobbit movies in Lego form and pandering to your obsessive nature over in-game collectibles? Then be sure to pick up Lego The Hobbit on your PS4 from only £14.99.

The latest Lego effort is one of the more rushed efforts from the overworked Traveller's Tales studio, but it's much more appealing at this price. It's certainly worth a look if you're a series fan. The third film was supposed to be added as DLC late last year, but things have been oddly quiet on that front. Warner and Traveller's Tales recently released a list of title's they were working on, and the conclusion to to the trilogy didn't get a mention. Hmmm.

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