Lego Hobbit will not get Battle of the Five Armies DLC

Warner Bros. and TT Games will not release a Lego Hobbit DLC pack to conclude the game's rendition of the film trilogy.

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Beetey1226d ago

Strange decision. I wonder if this means they are going to make another Hobbit/LOTR game...

daveddy19721225d ago

Or it means they will rerelease lego hobbit with the battle of five armies in the game.

WeAreLegion1225d ago

Saw that coming. They sort of blew it with LotR and The Hobbit LEGO games, anyway. Like they didn't even care.

deadfrag1225d ago

This is again expected from WB this days,the game probably didnt sell the expected and they cut the last part to save money.WB has been making shit decisions lately.

itsjustexuma1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Some are good like canceling the last gen ports of Dyling Light, letting Rocksteady release a rated M Batman game and starting with the indie games movement

RosweeSon1225d ago

So well only ever get 2/3rds into the shortest book of the lot... Well that sucks.

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