Five Things Destiny Really Needs

Dan Murphy: "I’d been looking forward to it since its initial reveal, enjoyed my time in the beta massively and was frothing at the bit to get my hands on it once again. But I was left feeling hugely underwhelmed when it was finally released."

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SmokingMonkey1193d ago

Every single mission/strike/raid

should have matchmaking

GameSpawn1193d ago

But with filters for mics. Seriously, I hate when people do not communicate.

kurruptor1193d ago

I can say the opposite. I hate when people talk the whole time. You can hear everything going on in their room as they talk or argue with their friends or family.

Most content doesn't need any communication. Raids sure, serious PVP sure, nightfall maybe. Everything else there is no need.

I don't want to talk to people or listen to them when I'm playing casually.

maybelovehate1193d ago

I agree, but it should always be optional. As long as it is optional everyone is happy. I don't personally like matchmaking, but I don't see why players can't choose one or the other. It won't hurt anything.

kayoss1193d ago

I rather they give the options to select matchmaking. Some people like to run these solo, but having an option to pick one or the other will make everyone happy (well of course the developers wont be).

Avernus1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

The people who approved this, did you even check the link?

This is the correct link to the title of this thread here.


^ This is the link you approved btw. Someone reported it, but nothing's changed, so I posted here.

OT: Destiny REALLY NEEDS more PvP game modes. I've been saying this for a long time, yet very few people realize they're only playing different variants of TDM day in, day out.

PvP has been a borefest for a long time now, with Bungie holding back proper game modes like Salvage for "special events", and Salvage isn't even that great, as when 2 good teams go against each other, it turns into Skirmish, because the mode is unbalanced. People don't need to arm the objective to win, they can simply outslay the other team...yes, another TDM.

MillennialBuddha1193d ago

1) Needs to be Borderlands
2) Needs to be Borderlands
3) Needs to be Borderlands
4) Needs to be Borderlands
5) I'm just going to go play Borderlands

Duke191193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Another planet. Cant help but feel like the game should feel more impressive in scale - im spending all my time running the same routes in a handful of areas

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