Halo: The Master Chief Collection Update 3.13.15

Thank you for your support, patience and engaged feedback since we launched Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Our most recent content update has normalized and improved matchmaking and the in-game experience for the majority of fans. We at 343 are continuing to work to improve that experience with the Master Chief Collection. Your passion for Halo is what has fueled our team these past months and inspired the project in the first place.

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Septic1045d ago

Whilst the prolonged issues were inexcusable and caused a big dent in the reputation of the bundle and the community numbers, you have to admire their generosity here.

ODST for free; that's 5 games in one package. Madness.

crazychris41241045d ago

They might as well add Reach with Firefight to complete the series. Repackage the game as the Halo Collection.

deadpoolio3161045d ago

Uh firefight started in ODST....

LAWSON721045d ago


Crazychris said no where in his post it didn't. He just wants Halo Reach with its firefight mode.

MSBAUSTX1045d ago

Even though there were issues this bundle has incredible value and has been played by myself and friends for countless hours. The ability to play Local co op and or lan Halo 2 remastered and play co op online with a buddy in all 4 games is worth the 60 bucks alone, IMO.

hello121045d ago

Microsoft has also been giving out 1 month codes for x box live for those who bought the game. I got two months free because i signed into the game with different accounts.

Antifan1045d ago

With all the excess resources M$ has, you would think this issue was resolved a long time ago. MS giving out codes isn't going to magically fix this. Your blind loyalty for M$ is beyond logic.

KingWookiee1045d ago

@Antifan Considering that the game was coded through multiple companies, that means the patch also has to be done by whatever company handled the piece of code that needs fixing. It's not easy going through 4 different games, each with their own lines of code, and finding the issue. And he didn't say that them giving out codes "fixed" anything. He was just saying that Microsoft gave some stuff to the people who purchased the game because of the sketchy launch.

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Automatic791045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

@Septic I agree, plus admire the fact that the game has had much more frequent updates and the team has continued to strive for perfection.

How do they find time to work on this plus Halo ODST and Halo 5? This team is definitely hard at work.

DigitalRaptor1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Saying that they continued to strive for perfection would imply that they strived for it in the first place with this game. It would also imply that Halo 4 was perfect, when it was absolutely not. MCC was a botch job collection that took liberties with its fan base by outsourcing different aspects of the game to different companies and doing crap all for quality control to rush the game out in time for a season that they refused to miss. The game is still far, far from perfection, and a missed opportunity for 5 absolutely legacy games in the long-term in terms of its community and trust, so honestly what are you talking about?

Apparently this team has time to fix a monstrously broken game for months, work on its DLC before even fixing the game, collaborate with Vanguard for Spartan Strike whilst working on 2 live-action TV shows all due out in 2015. How has Halo 5 had any prime focus considering what 343 have been dealing with? Is Halo 5 definitely still coming out in 2015, because most other people might show concern with that much crammed in to one team's annual schedule?

iNFAMOUZ11045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

and this is coming from the guy who called the mcc a flop, @septic, this world is just an epiphany of risible, and people wonder why i dont communicate much and im always alone lol, back into the hole i go

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aviator1891045d ago

Nice to see both Relic and ODST coming along well.

tgunzz1045d ago

I love this collection, and great/expected efforts on fixing the match making for all the spartans and agent locks out there. Game on!

headblackman1045d ago

im glad the game is fixed, but it never tarnished the brand or developers in my eyes. im a huge halo fan and as long as you rectify the problem, im ok. i don't hold grudges :) good work microsoft and 343 industries. now i can get back to my halo fix as intended :)

FPSFox1045d ago

Comments / attitudes like this are why we put up with broken shit for months on end when a game is nowhere near finished >_>

xDHAV0K24x1045d ago

so by ur logic, ur never gonna buy games ever? botched launches happen. is it acceptable? no but at least the issues are being fixed. Still waiting on WayForward to add online co op for double dragon...

FPSFox1040d ago

Never said that bud, but claiming "it never tarnished the brand in my eyes" "I'm a huge Halo Fan" "I don't hold grudges" When they took MONTHS to correct the product they KNEW was going to disappoint you because it wasn't finished... That is not the attitude you should have. Not if you give a shit about your games being finished at launch anyways.

They took one of the best franchises in gaming, half baked the hell out of it and sold it to millions and took their sweet time correcting it. Yell, scream, give them hell, show this is not acceptable and a better product will come forward next time around.

These are million dollar companies. They don't need your pats on the back to feel better about themselves. You gave them your 60.00 which is better. Give them your praise when the next game comes out and isn't completely unplayable.

Blackleg-sanji1045d ago hobby is f***** isn't it? When it happens I'll blame ppl like you

deadpoolio3161045d ago

And your the reason why publishers think it's OK to release a game in a broken state...It may be better than it was at launch, but it should have NEVER been released in that condition..

It was all about Microsoft rushing it out there knowing it was broken because they didn't want to miss out on those holiday sales, instead of delaying it taking the time to make sure it worked properly and people applauding for a fully function game being released...

annoyedgamer1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

I still cannot play more than 1 game online before being booted to the main menu. The game is not fixed and their reputation (which was already in the dirt) has gone well underground. I did not return the game but I was very close to doing so at one point because I could use the cash on other things..things that actually work.

xDHAV0K24x1045d ago

I call bs. going on 3 weeks now. no problems. what connection u have?

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Bennibop1045d ago

Nice, but it still taking to long to match make.

AndyLFC51045d ago

I'd like to know if they are going to add staying in a lobby after a match like any normal fps. Adding silly game modes doesn't cut it, if there are no plans for this then I'll get rid now, and probably the Xbox, as this is the only reason I bought it.

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