Partial nudity, blood, gore and more detailed in Toukiden Kiwami

The ESRB has posted a rating for Toukiden Kiwami, describing the game's partial nudity, blood, gore and other content.

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Baka-akaB1043d ago

The picture is from Samurai Warriors 4 lol

Perjoss1043d ago

"Partial nudity, blood, gore and more"

Everything a growing young man needs.

Tex1171043d ago

But, is it as good as monster hunter?

Spotie1043d ago

So what if it isn't? Conversely, what if it's better?

Nonscpo1042d ago

In some ways it's better and in some ways worse.

paul-p19881039d ago

It's a lot quicker than Monster Hunter, but still requires skill. Monster Hunter has definitely got a massive challenger in Toukiden.
imo Toukiden is a much better game overall, the only thing I think is better in MH is the crafting system (Toukiden's is pretty damn good for a first try though!), other than that Toukiden beats it on all fronts!

Muzikguy1043d ago

I've never heard of this game before. I look it up because it seems interesting and it's an action RPG :(

I actually think it looks pretty sweet and hope it does well. I like Koei-Tecmo. I still miss the turn based stuff but I love the look of this! I'm writing this down as a possible buy very soon, after the 31st of course.

Nonscpo1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

OMFG It's a waste of a read article! In short If you played the original game, there's nothing different, It's still rated T for the exact same reasons :(