These 8 DC Superheroes Deserve Their Own Games

Last week, we talked about Marvel superheroes. Now, we're moving on to DC! Come see who we've nominated for their own game.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1169d ago

A Stealth Green Arrow game... oh yes! I've been thinking about that since I started watching the show. This industry needs more superhero games. That's one of the reasons I appreciate inFAMOUS so much.

ZombieKiller1169d ago

Arrow is one of my favorite shows on TV so if they did an arrow game and did it well, I would be all about it.

Honestly, Batman has been the only superhero to get any sort of awesome treatment nowadays. Superman, Spiderman (and NOT BEENOX ugh!), Iron Man, The Hulk...hell, even the damn Jedi, Neo, Wolverine (not to mention the rest of the xmen), and the Avengers all need awesome games. Seriously, think about that last one. Could you imagine if an Avengers game was made just as well as the movie was?! I'd lose my mind.

I wish that devs (GOOD DEVS) would realize this and instead of a game like Destiny, we get a Star Wars game that uses destiny's ideas and runs like hell with it instead of the other way around. Not to say I hate Destiny or anything. It just hurts when I get to drive a speederbike in Destiny vs Star Wars or I get to play as a generic stealth soldier instead of sneaking around as Batman.

Oh and those of you that said a Suicide Squad game would be awesome....YOU are awesome...+bubbles!

wanieldiik1169d ago

a suicide squad game would be insane

gangsta_red1169d ago

1. It's a shame that there hasn't been a good Green Lantern game. The characters, enemies, POWERS and lore are all there for a designer to go bat sh*t crazy with.

2. I like their idea for Arrow and setting it in the Outsider War time period. But I think making it similar to the Arkham serious while a good idea would make a lot of people just think they're copying the success of the Batman games.

3. Starfire!?! No..she's a d-level supporting character at best and the New 52 lowered her even more when making her some nymphomaniac.

4. Nightwing, no...he's become a great hero standing on his own but the New 52 also ruined him and I am sure once that spy gimmick where's thin we will get a Spider-Man style reset on his character.

5. Why do people like the Red Hood. Such a boring, crappy character. He's nothing but a toned down Punisher. The only good he served is when he died as Robin, and gave Batman a much needed guilt trip and humbling persona.

6. Suicide Squad, this can work, but take the cast of Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Frost, Black Spider, King Shark, Harly and maybe even throw in General Flagg. Make it a top down game similar to Avengers Alliance, make it ridiculously hard and an option to go outside your mission parameters only to have Amanda Wallace blow your head off.

7. No...oh gawd no!

8. No brainer also, has there ever been a stand alone WW game? So much mythology, characters and background to pull from. So much wasted potential as designers keep going the easy route with Batman.

Might I add, Lobo, Sandman, Agents of SHADE, Deathstroke and Flash...

HannibalBarca1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Can I please get a Hellblazer game and kick some ass as John

I would also like a very deep Green Lantern RPG based on decisions, and based on what decisions you make you get one of the 7 rings (or 9) based on how you have played and reacted to situations within the game

Suicide Squad sounds awesome as a game, but I want an Aquman and the Others game too

Crueltylizer1169d ago

Rocksteady should do an Arrow game. Would love to see Starling City re imagined by theme and crawling around rooftops as the arrow.

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