Are Shooters Mostly About Doing Nothing?

Are modern shooters really strategy games?

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life281075d ago

OP probably never player ARMA:

Roccetarius1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Or Vanquish.

I do think that most shooters are just rails of almost nothing, though. Obviously older games like Counter Strike has more to it.

BC_Master_Haze1074d ago

Or battlefield with a good team.

Septic1075d ago

Titanfall represented a real concerted effort to change up gameplay and yet, so many uninformed people just deride it as "CoD with mechs". The intricacies of deeper play are lost on them.

What I do miss are the old-skool arena shooters. Kinda sad that they've been relegated to the sidelines whereas once, they reigned supreme in the FPS arena.

Aloy-Boyfriend1074d ago

Titanfall introduced some fresh stuff like parkour and big robots, but other than that it did pretty much what other shooters have been doing.

Worfestein The New Order has been the only shooter so far to go back to the FPS roots and do it well. I think FPS nowadays are relying too much in the military stuff and generic run-and-shoot multiplayer. COD has oversaturared the genre.

Baka-akaB1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

I also miss the older and true arena shooters . Even if deemed brainless , part of their competitive fun was the level of intricacy , depth and skills , they might require . A bit like playing fighting games

The issue is that modern shooter automatise so much basic actions , that it needs to engage you into some sort of teamplay accomplishement , so you could feel relevant and useful ...

Yet the mainstream and most popular of those shooter fail quite a bit at making the teamwork and play actually work ... it devolves into run and shoot , with automatized games and some obsession over K/D ratios .

Of course some of those are still present on PC be they obscure or not , but it's not the same . And at least on consoles there were still stuff like Halo , a bit destiny despite it's flaws , and MGO to compensate a bit .

Roccetarius1074d ago

Unless they somehow mess Unreal Tournament up, then i'm looking forward to a fresh game and more Instagib matches, amongst other things. :)

DLConspiracy1074d ago

I would say Titanfall is a sort of arena shooter.

WESKER20151075d ago

yes, i dont see the craze to be honest, extremely boring genre when it follows the same fps formula, the only first person shooter i can play and enjoy is halo, because that franchise has a great campaign and multiplayer component, lets just say its my least favorite genre

breakpad1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

i agree with you more and more ..modern FPSs are the garbage of gaming and only HALO CE(the 1st only) can be played very pleasantly and have fun replay value ....also has anyone tried MGO from MGS4 ?? although a TPS this is the best competitive (and tactical) multiplayer game i ever played ...although a TPS

GamerEuphoria1074d ago

There's plenty of shooters with a point, it's just they often get ignored by the masses because it's something different

bjmartynhak1074d ago

Still better than any open world collectathon. But that's is just my humble opinion.

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